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ITIL and Service Asset Management Part II – managed throughout the lifecycle

Recently, I was taking part in a panel discussion dedicated to Software Asset Management (SAM). A few facts came out as certain: it’s a hot topic, everyone has requirements towards SAM (or is already...

ITIL Definitive Software Library and Definitive Hardware Store

On one side we have business operations, which rely on well-established processes, with little or no room for deviations. And on the other side is IT, which is supporting those operations as one of...

ITIL Service Design Package – everything under one roof

It would be easy to say that the Service Design phase of the service lifecycle only cares about design of the service, and – that’s it. Actually, it’s more complex than that. Namely, Service Design...

ITIL Continual Service Improvement – don’t lose the momentum

Almost a year ago, Branimir wrote an article about approaching the ITIL CSI process ITIL Continual Service Improvement – the never-ending story, and I believe this is a good time for a follow-up focusing on...

ITIL Service Level Management – making sure that what you want is what you get

As part of my job responsibilities, I had the opportunity to assess and analyze many different IT organizations. Only a few of them have business expectations against the services they provide in written form,...

If anything shouldn’t be taken for granted… it’s Information Security Management

It was one of our usual off-the-record discussions when I spoke with network admin and asked about the regular password change set up on the system.  And, the answer included words like “my opinion,”...

ITIL Release and Deployment Management Part I – General principles and service testing

I’m sure that I’m not the only witness of the “instant service deployment” practice, which is most noticeable in a MS Windows® environment where software used for service delivery (Active Directory, file sharing, e-mail, etc.)...

Communication inside IT Service Management team – setup of joint vocabulary and criteria

The most known quote in the world: “Houston, we have a problem,” was spoken by Apollo 13’s Commander Jim Lovell. (Actually, he said, “Houston, we’ve had a problem,” but that’s not what we will...

ITIL Problem Management: getting rid of problems

Albert Einstein: “You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.” Problem Management (PM) is one of the oldest processes in ITIL, and one of the processes implementers have...

Using ISO 20000 to control IT services

If we want to improve our service, we have to control it; otherwise, we will come dangerously close to chaos. The question here is: How can we control it? With processes! The ISO/IEC 20000...