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ISO 45001 Documentation Toolkit Light

Implement ISO 45001 yourself, and do it easily and efficiently with our Documentation Toolkit.


  • 16 document templates – unlimited access to all documents required for ISO 45001 certification
  • Unlimited email support
  • Expert review of a document
  • One hour of live one-on-one online consultations with an ISO 45001 expert
  • Bonus documents – You'll also get the full OHSAS 18001 Light Documentation
  • BONUS: 6 months of free access to Conformio, the leading online compliance software
iso-45001-plus-ohsas-18001-toolkits-documentationGET TWO TOOLKITS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE

US$ 397

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How does expert support work?

  1. Our ISO 45001 expert will meet with you regularly – he will tell you where to start, what the next steps are, and how to resolve any issues you may face. You can meet via Skype, over the telephone, or through any other means at your convenience.
  2. Reach out to us at any time during your implementation project with unlimited email support, and have your questions answered within 24 hours by our experts.
  3. Once you complete your documents, let our experts review them – they’ll provide you with feedback and indicate what needs to be improved.


Our team includes some of the most experienced auditors, trainers and consultants for the ISO 45001 standard. In addition, we pride ourselves on the communication skills of our expert team, which helps us to establish stable and personal relationships with our clients.

Strahinja Stojanovic
Lead ISO 45001 Expert

Mark Hammar
ISO 45001 Expert


When I opened the toolkit I was desperate to implement the system and I found myself moving quick because the toolkit is rich in useful documentation. It's reducing me time of thinking, verifying searching for information and typing. And it also give me an opportunity to see how other experts develop their systems. It doesn't have a few site specific documents that I need but it's still fine.
Susanne Wesner

Toolkit Features

Toolkit Documents

Look at EVERY template in the ISO 45001 Documentation Toolkit Light – for free! – before making a purchase decision.

Note: Documents are available individually, or as part of the toolkit.
  1. OH&S Policy PreviewDetails & purchase
  2. OH&S Objectives and KPIs PreviewDetails & purchase
  3. OH&S Manual PreviewDetails & purchase
  4. List of Interested Parties, Legal and Other Requirements and Compliance Evaluation PreviewDetails & purchase
  5. Registry of Key Risks and Opportunities PreviewDetails & purchase
  6. Hazard Evaluation Record PreviewDetails & purchase
  7. Training Record PreviewDetails & purchase
  8. Record of External Communication PreviewDetails & purchase
  9. SOP for Display Screens and Posture Hazards (Office Hazards) PreviewDetails & purchase
  10. Fire Safety Policy PreviewDetails & purchase
  11. Incident Investigation Report PreviewDetails & purchase
  12. OH&S Nonconformity and Corrective Action Record PreviewDetails & purchase
  13. Annual Program of Internal Audits PreviewDetails & purchase
  14. Internal Audit Report PreviewDetails & purchase
  15. Continual Improvement Plan and Review PreviewDetails & purchase
  16. Management Review Minutes PreviewDetails & purchase

Step-by-step guidance for your implementation

The toolkit documents are organized to guide you on your implementation path. They’re structured in clearly numbered folders, so that you know where to start, and – after each document is completed – where to go next.

80% complete – guidance for the remaining 20%

We’ve done 80% of the work a consultant would charge you for. Anything that can be prefilled in the documents is already done, and the remaining adaptation you need to do is clearly marked with comments and instructions.

Placeholders guide you where editing is needed

Simply move through the documents, filling in the specifics for your company as instructed. Our experts have even added some instructions on what to enter, to help you move through the implementation as efficiently as possible.

Additional instructions for more specific tasks

In these cases, we’ve added detailed instructions and, where needed, links to articles that will help you understand and complete these sections.

Fully customizable documents

Most companies have a specific design and structure for their official documents. There’s header information, confidentiality level, even prescribed graphic design and fonts. All of our documents are fully customizable, so that you can make them look just the way they should.

All the support you need

ISO 45001 certification is much more than just documentation. The implementation of the standard needs to be appropriate to your company, and you need to deal with your employees, your management, and your existing processes in an appropriate way.

This is why our experts are on hand with live online support to answer any difficult questions – we can set up a call via Skype, over the telephone, or through any other method convenient for you; or, we can answer your questions via email – whatever suits you best.

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Highlights and advantages of the ISO 45001 Documentation Toolkit Light

16 templates for every required document

The Toolkit is available in English and includes the following ISO 45001 templates: Occupational Health & Safety Policy, OH&S Objectives, Programs and KPIs, Annual Program of Internal Audits, Legal compliance evaluation record, Occupational Health & Safety Manual, and many others.

Click here to see the full list of ISO 45001 documents.

Fully acceptable for certification audit

Our documentation toolkit includes templates for every single document you need to comply with ISO 45001 – all fully acceptable for certification audit. List of documents is also included, which clearly marks each document as mandatory or optional, and can be used as an ISO 45001 checklist.

We already took away most of the headache – by completing 90% of the documents for you

We’ve completed most of the documents already, only leaving you about 10% to finish. In most cases, you will only have to fill in the specifics for your company, like company name, people responsible, and other particulars. Every template offers step-by-step guidance, and even tells you which parts are required, and which are merely nice to have.

We take the questions and worry out of implementing ISO 45001, so you always know that documents are complete and accurate.

Developed by the experts

45001Academy is renowned for the accuracy and quality of our products and services. This means you can be certain that each template in our toolkit was developed and reviewed by leading experts in ISO 45001. Our documentation templates were designed specifically to take the stress and worry out of your implementation project.

Fully customizable documents

Each document is available in user-friendly MS Word or MS Excel, so they’re simple to tailor to the needs of your organization. Showcase your brand by inserting your logos and color palette, and change headers and footers to complement your in-house style.

Clear organization, logical structure

The documents are placed in folders in the correct order, so that it’s easy to follow the sequence and be sure that nothing gets missed, and that no one makes mistakes during the implementation. A handy implementation diagram is included to help the project manager understand each step in the process.

Consistent formatting

All templates in the toolkit conform to a standardized structure and format, helping you to quickly and efficiently complete the process. In addition, so that relationships between the documents are clear, we cross-reference related documents.

Optimized for Small to Medium-sized Businesses

The ISO 45001 Toolkit was developed especially for small to mid-sized businesses to minimize the time and costs of implementation. Our toolkit doesn’t require completion of every document that a large world-wide corporation needs. Instead, it includes only those documents YOUR business needs.

Ready for the certification audit

Companies in more than 100 countries have achieved certification with our documents.

  • Toolkit guides you through the implementation
  • Expert support throughout your project
  • Expert review of some of your completed documents
  • Pre-audit expert meeting to make sure everything is in place

ISO 45001 Documentation Toolkit Light:

Right for your business?

Are you small or medium-sized company?
Are you looking to minimize time and cost of implementation?
Are you searching for concise and easy-to-use templates?
We understood your needs, found the answers to your questions, and developed ISO 45001 Toolkit Light especially for your company. Our toolkit doesn’t require completion of every document that a large world-wide corporation needs. Instead, it includes only those documents YOUR business needs.

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Need more support?


US$ 397
16 document templates compliant with ISO 45001
Bonus: Access to Conformio for 6 months
Unlimited email support
1 hour of one-on-one support
with an ISO 45001 expert
Expert review of 1 completed document


US$ 897
16 document templates compliant with ISO 45001
Bonus: Access to Conformio for 6 months
Unlimited email support
5 hours of one-on-one support (a series of online meetings with an ISO 45001 expert)
Expert review of 5 completed documents


US$ 1897
16 document templates compliant with ISO 45001
Bonus: Access to Conformio for 6 months
Unlimited email support
15 hours of one-on-one support (a series of online meetings with an ISO 45001 expert)
Expert review of 15 completed documents
Pre-audit check workshop (1 hour training on audit preparation with leading ISO 45001 expert)

BONUS: 6-months of free access to Conformio, leading online software for ISO implementation (save US$ 397)

When purchasing the ISO 45001 Documentation Toolkit you’ll gain the access to:


  • ISO modules included: Document Management System (DMS), Nonconformities and Corrective Actions.
  • Detailed step-by-step task list for implementing ISO 45001
  • Define all yours project tasks, and easily collaborate with up to 20 members of your ISO 45001 implementation team.


Can you really implement ISO 45001 by yourself?

Simple and secure payment and delivery

FAQs: Buying the ISO 45001 Documentation Toolkit Light

When and how will I get the toolkit?

Immediately after your payment is processed, you’ll receive an email that includes a link to download the templates. It’s quite simple.

What kinds of payment can you accept?

We take all major credit cards and PayPal payment, and we can accept a wire transfer from your bank account.

Are my payment details secure?

We proudly use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which is the industry standard. This technology encrypts your credit card information, keeping it secure, and sends it directly to the payment processor. We never store or even see your payment information.

Which currencies can I use?

We gladly accept more than 50 commonly used currencies, including the Euro, the US Dollar, the British Pound, and the Swiss Franc.

I’m still not sure if this toolkit is right for my business. Can I try it out before I decide to buy?

Please do! Click on the “DOWNLOAD FREE TOOLKIT DEMO” button and enter your name and your email address. You can instantly access a free preview of each document template, helping you make up your mind. This is a great chance to see how each document looks, and how easy they are to complete.

Is the toolkit compliant with the latest version of the ISO 45001?

Yes. Also, you are entitled to receive free updates of those toolkits for one year after your purchase date.


Strahinja Stojanovic
Lead ISO 45001 Expert


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