CONFORMIO: ISO 27001 Software for Small Businesses

Reduce the Overhead of Certification | Developed by Top Industry Experts

Conformio was created by the top ISO experts in the world to help you simplify your ISO 27001 compliance effort. We have automated the documentation effort and wrapped it in a step-by-step process to make it easy and fast to obtain your certification. Whether you are new to the standard or a seasoned professional, Conformio lowers your overhead to get certified without an issue.

Conformio features
CONFORMIO: ISO 27001 Software for Small Businesses - Advisera

Quickest Path to Compliance

We have helped over 6,000 companies get certified for ISO standards, so we understand how to get this done quickly and efficiently. As the world’s leading company for ISO resources, we know how to help you without breaking the budget.

CONFORMIO: ISO 27001 Software for Small Businesses - Advisera

Access to ISO Experts

We have the world's best industry experts, who will help you throughout the process to prevent you from getting off track. Our solution includes direct support from the experts, training, and other resources to ensure that you move through the process effortlessly.

CONFORMIO: ISO 27001 Software for Small Businesses - Advisera

Easy Path to Certification

ISO 27001 certification can be complex, and many tools are hard to use. We have used our deep expertise to package only what you need into an intuitive, modern, and focused solution to ensure that you can guide yourself through the entire process.

Reduce Overhead Through Great Tools

Don’t Know Where to Start?

Use our step-by-step process to help you know where to start, whom to include, and how to finish quickly. You do not need prior knowledge of the standard to complete the effort. Simply follow the steps until you are ready for the certification audit. You can also see how far along you are in the dashboards, and what is next.

Smart Document Templates

Simply answer a few questions, and the documents will adapt to your specific company needs. Input the information once, and we’ll copy it to all the relevant documents for you. You get all of the mandatory documents for certification, as well as optional documents if you want to go further. And these are kept up to date with changes in the standard. Of course, we include a document review and approval process along with version control for easy collaboration with others. You can manage documents directly in Conformio or integrate with Dropbox with our standard integration.

Accelerated Risk Assessment

A large part of the ISO 27001 implementation is doing the risk assessment. We help you complete this without needing to know all of the technical details of the standard itself. Simply select from a pre-defined set of assets, vulnerabilities, and threats (or add your own) to complete the risk assessment. To top it off, we include suggested safeguards to treat your risks to quickly complete the Risk Register.

Say Goodbye to Time-Consuming Work

Reduce manual effort with automatic creation of the key artifacts such as Statement of Applicability, Risk Register, and Internal Audit Checklists. We also automatically drive recurring processes such as risk review, management reviews, and document reviews so that you can track progress and collaborate with your team.

CONFORMIO: ISO 27001 Software for Small Businesses - Advisera

Tasks and Reminders for Your Peace of Mind

Stay on schedule and keep the project moving forward with our automated tasks and reminders. The system will send reminders to the team members to complete their tasks on time and track their progress. Once certified, we keep track of the ongoing effort to stay certified through ongoing tasks and reminders for certification maintenance. We make this simple by integrating with email, Slack, and other tools to match your company’s communication style.

Case Study

Biomni - an AI software company

Andreas Antoniou, CTO
“It would be impossible for us to get certified in 6 months without Conformio. Every week, the team would meet to divide the tasks, and Conformio was always there with us, giving us the complete structure we needed.” 

Andreas Antoniou, CTO
Full case study
<span>Biomni</span> - an AI software company
  1. Starter

    US $999 /year

    What you get:

    1. 3 user accounts
    2. All mandatory documents
    3. Up to 100 risks in register
    4. Full project management module
    5. Download all documents in PDF


    US $1999 /year

    All in Professional plus:

    1. Unlimited user accounts
    2. Security Awareness Training for 50 employees
    3. Pre-audit check with certified expert
    4. Expert consultation (1 hour per month)
    5. Expert document review (1 per month)
    6. 3 course exams for free


    US $1699 /year

    All in Starter plus:

    1. 5 user accounts
    2. Additional optional documents included
    3. Unlimited risks in register
    4. Security Awareness Training for up to 20 employees
    5. 1 course exam for free
Compare all Features

Compare All Features


US $999 /year


US $1699 /year
Updated to the ISO 27001:2022 revision
Conformio user accounts included
3 Users
5 Users
Full access to all modules and document wizards
Mandatory documents for the ISO 27001 certification editable through Conformio
Non-mandatory documents for the ISO 27001 certification editable through Conformio
Clear Desk and Clear Screen Policy
Bring Your Own Device Policy
Mobile Device and Teleworking Policy
Password Policy
Policy on the Use of Encryption
Disposal and Destruction Policy
Procedures for Working in Secure Areas
Change Management Policy
Backup Policy
Information Transfer Policy
Information Classification Policy
Specification of information systems requirements
Security clauses for suppliers and partners
Confidentiality Statement
Risk Register
Up to 100 risks
Automated tasks and reminders to maintain ISO 27001 certification
Download all ISO 27001 documents as PDFs
Integration with Slack and Dropbox
Security awareness training for employees
Short videos covering the most common security and compliance topics that raise the awareness of all your employees. You will be able to choose which awareness sessions you want in the training, and you can monitor the progress and success of each employee.
Up to 20 users
One-on-one consultations with an certified ISO 27001 expert
1 hour in total
Review of documents
1 document in total
Pre-audit check with an ISO 27001-certified expert
Gift with yearly subscription only

ISO 27001 Foundations Course
(1 certificate)

Are you a Consultant?

Check out our Conformio for Consultants tool.

CONFORMIO: ISO 27001 Software for Small Businesses - Advisera

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