When introduced to the complexities of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 27001 implementation projects, companies find out, too often, that it can become an organizational mess. Trying to balance a horde of emails, document versions, and a strict timeline by using emails, face-to-face meetings and conference calls can seem to be an impossible mission. The everyday reality reminds us that documents get lost, emails are hard to follow up on, and people get frustrated when they are not in the loop. Every minute spent on unnecessary meetings, or hunting down files or emails costs money.

In this article, we are exploring the best way to handle ISO implementation project complexities in a cost-efficient way – the traditional method, or using online ISO management solutions.

Taking on ISO project implementation the traditional way

Companies that attempt to manage an ISO implementation project in the traditional way find, too often, that using emails, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings is not the best way to deal with the ISO project complexities. Practical experience has shown that the traditional way is unable to foster collaboration and address these challenges in a cost-efficient way:

  1. Lots of new documents to co-develop. Developing documents via emails is a nightmare. Versions are lost in the mix, it’s very hard to get clear feedback, and people spend a lot of time searching for files. Chasing people to review and approve documents can drag on for days, especially when new updates are made in the meantime. That causes delays, which result in pushed-back deadlines and additional resources you need to spend to wrap up your ISO implementation project.
  2. Lots of information to pass around. Constantly keeping people in the loop with meetings, phone calls, and group emails puts tremendous stress on the project manager. Mistakes happen, announcements can be overlooked, and that results in time-consuming repetitive actions, which should be reduced to a minimum. Limited access to information, knowledge, and team experience leave plenty of space for confusion, lost steps, and again – delays.
  3. Lots of tasks to be completed. Using Excel and emails to track and manage tasks with countless versions, no direct feedback regarding the outcomes or timely notices of problems that could have been prevented – these are more huge challenges to address with decades-old technologies.

As on every project, it is the speed of execution and excellent coordination that separates a successful project from the rest. If a project keeps having delays, that affects project delivery and costs the company money. Because of the inability of the traditional way to address these challenges, companies are turning to online solutions for ISO management.

How do online ISO tools save you money?

The key to online ISO tool cost-effectiveness is its nature: it enables companies to outsource the IT infrastructure part to a third-party vendor. There are no software licenses to buy, companies pay only for what they use, and they can terminate the service at any time.  There are no installations, and no training or maintenance costs.

If you have not already used some web-based solution, here are several reasons you should start considering it:

  • Accessibility. Online tools are accessible anytime, anywhere. This means that your team can access the tool from outside the office, by using their favorite browser and an Internet connection. That improves the team’s performance, as they can respond quickly to new documents, tasks, and information. Quick turn-around times bring smoother execution and fewer delays.
  • Centralized information. Everything is at one place. All the team members can log in to access all relevant documents, communication, and tasks they need to do and move the ISO project forwards. No time is lost searching for the right version, discussion, or instruction. No delays are caused by miscommunication.
  • Easy collaboration. With easy accessibility to information, comes the specialized online collaboration features to ensure the ISO project deadline is met. When each piece of information is tied to the project, task, document, or communication, it is very easy for a group of people to follow up, finish the work, and predict issues causing delays – which result in additional costs.

With these three characteristics, you can ensure major savings, and direct those resources to other important company initiatives.

How we are saving money with Conformio

We built our own online ISO management tool called Conformio and packed it with project, task, document, and communication management modules to help us drive our projects. We do that every day by leveraging these powerful advantages:

  1. In-built document management system – helps us co-develop relevant documentation, track versions, and keep up with contextual discussion and approvals at one place. We don’t waste time searching our inboxes; we spend it by effectively contributing to the overall project progress.
  2. One place for all relevant information – enables quicker access to knowledge, reduces time wasted piecing all the data together, and increases our productivity by keeping everyone in the loop.
  3. Effective task management system – tracking tasks in multiple parallel projects with clear accountability, progress status, relevant discussions, and documentation reduces repetitive actions and missed steps, and keeps all our actions streamlined toward one goal – excellent execution.
How to save money using online ISO management tools - Conformio

Figure 1 – Relevant project discussion between project team members on Conformio

Here are a few additional examples of how Conformio helps to save money:

  • Telecommuting
  • Increasing speed of access to knowledge
  • Reducing communication costs
  • Decreasing travel costs
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Increasing productivity
  • Less duplication
  • Reducing time to market
How to save money using online ISO management tools - Conformio

Figure 2 – View of the project with Tasks, Discussions, and Files sections on Conformio

It is quite clear that decades-old technology does not suffice to tackle modern ISO project management challenges. Online ISO tool advantages are clear, so it might make better sense to use modern technology to tackle tomorrow’s challenges.

So, why not try it? It’s free.

Start saving money and open a free account at Conformio – you’ll have free access for 10 users to the unlimited features of the ISO management tool compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 27001.