Adding and managing subtasks

How to add a subtask to a project task on Conformio

Step 1 – Access project Tasks tab.

To add subtasks to a project task, first select the project you need, and then navigate to the Tasks tab.

Adding and managing subtasks - Support Center
Accessing project Tasks tab on Conformio.

Step 2 – Open task from the Task tab.

Once you are on the Tasks tab, you can access the task right from the list and continue developing it.

Adding and managing subtasks - Support Center
Opening task from the Task tab.

Step 3 – Add subtasks to task.

Once you have the task opened, please scroll down to the Add subtask field. Enter the title of your subtask, choose its owner and due date, and click on the “+” sign. That’s it – your team will receive notification that they are delegated to that subtask and can reach out to you in case it’s needed.

Adding and managing subtasks - Support Center
Adding subtasks to a task on Conformio.


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