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Adding users

How to add users to your Conformio account

Step 1 – Access the Users section.

To add more users or manage them, please access the Users section from the header menu.

Accessing the Users section on Conformio.

Step 2 – Enter user details.

Once on the Users add form, you should fill in the user details: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and add/choose the department to which the user belongs.

Filling in user details on Conformio.

Step 3 – Manage user access.

To give a user access to specific projects, just check the appropriate projects. You can also choose which type of access the user has on different modules by choosing between Manager / User access.

Managing user access on Conformio.

Step 4 – Save changes to send an activation email.

Make sure you click the Save button to wrap up the user form and send the user activation email.

Click Save to apply changes and send an activation email to the user’s inbox.


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