Attaching a file to a message

How to attach a file to a message on your Conformio account

Step 1 – Using Create a message to send files

To attach a file to the message and send files to other users, you can use the Create a message option on the My Discussions module.  Otherwise, replying to any message inside Conformio comes with the in-built option to attach and send files through that reply message.

Attaching a file to a message - Support Center
Starting a discussion via My Discussions page.

Step 2 – Filling in the message details and adding attachments

Once on the Create a message form, you can:

  1. Choose the appropriate project.
  2. Fill in the message.
  3. Address the users you want to receive it.
  4. Attach a file.

Make sure you hit Post in project to publish it.

Attaching a file to a message - Support Center
Filling in message details and attaching files.


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