Creating a Paid account

How to create a Paid Conformio account

Step 1 – Go to our website and select the desired Conformio package.

To gain access to a Paid Conformio plan, please first select the desired Paid package here: Paid packages.

Just click on the Buy Now option below your desired package, and the system will prompt you to the page to complete the procedure for the Paid account.

Creating a Paid account - Support Center
Compare our Free and Paid plans here

Step 2 – Complete order information.

Please define the payment plan. You can choose between monthly or annual payment plans. Make sure you select the right toolkit to go with your Paid plan.

Choose your payment plan and select the appropriate toolkit on the Order information.

Step 3 – Complete customer information.

Please fill in your personal and company details here. Choose the method of the payment (Secure online credit card, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Phone, or Fax).

If you want the invoice issued under a different name, make sure you use this option below the form.

When you are done, proceed forward by using the Next option.

Personal and company details are filled in here. You can also define the payment method.

Step 4 – Complete credit card information.

Please fill in your credit card details and click the Submit option.

Fill in your credit card details.

Step 5 – Check your inbox for the activation email and follow the activation link.

Within 60 minutes, you will receive an e-mail to access your account in Conformio. Please click the link in the e-mail and set your password.

This is what you should see in your email inbox; just follow the link to activate your Conformio account.

Step 6 – Choose and set the password.

Please enter the password you wish to use for all future logins. Best practice is to use a mix of special characters, numbers, and both lower-case and capital letters to create a strong password. After you enter it and confirm it, please click Set Password to log in to your brand-new free Conformio environment.

Create a good quality password and click Set Password.

Step 7 – Click on the appropriate project to access your Toolkit files.

Once you access Conformio, to access your toolkit simply click the appropriate project on the left-hand side.

Creating a Paid account - Support Center
To access your toolkit simply click the appropriate project on the left-hand side


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