Editing a project

How to edit a project in Conformio

Step 1 – Accessing the project

To access the project on which you want to update settings, please go to “See all projects” from the left navigation menu, or click the name of the project if it is listed in the left menu itself.

Editing a project - Support Center
Accessing project from the “See all projects” page on Conformio.

Step 2 – Accessing project Edit settings

Once you are on the project, navigate to the Settings tab to reach the “Edit settings” option. Click on “Edit settings” to open the project form and update its settings.

Editing a project - Support Center
Accessing project settings and editing project on Conformio.

Step 3 – Editing project settings

From the project edit form, you can redefine the following project details:

  1. Name of the project
  2. Project manager
  3. Choose project members
  4. Describe the purpose of the project
  5. Define project duration
  6. Choose if your project is Open or Members Only
Editing a project - Support Center
Editing project settings on Conformio.

Step 4 – Save changes to complete

Don’t forget to Save changes to apply them to the project. Good job.



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