Editing files

How to edit files on your Conformio account

Step 1 – Accessing the project Files section

To edit files on a project, please access the project in which the file is located, and navigate to the Files tab.

Editing files - Support Center
Accessing project Files section on Conformio.

Step 2 – Opening a file from the project files list

Once you are on the project, you can navigate to the file you want to edit and click on it. Conformio will open the file preview.

Editing files - Support Center
Opening a file from the project files list on Conformio.

Step 3 – Choosing the Edit online option from the file preview

Once you are on the file preview, please click on the “Edit online” option. This will open the Conformio document editor, in which you can modify your document.

Editing files - Support Center
Opening Editor in Conformio.

Step 4 – Editing the file with Online Editor

In the Conformio Online Editor, you have all the options the normal Office has, including:

  • Commenting and replying options on the documents
  • Tracking changes and review options
  • Live Chat
  • Autosave
  • Real-time Co-Editing mode
  • Additional plugins you can install: document templates, OCR, photo editing, and others
  • Margins and column setup
  • New document styles
Editing files - Support Center
Editing file with online document editor in Conformio.


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