Managing user access

How to manage user access on Conformio

Step 1 – Access the Users section.

To manage user access, please access the Users section from the header menu.

Accessing the Users section on Conformio.

Step 2 – Add a new user or choose an existing one to manage access.

Once on the Users section, you can add a new user and manage their access rights from the user submission form, or you can choose an existing user and Edit it to change their access rights.

Adding a new user or choosing an existing one to manage access.

Step 3 – Manage user access.

To give a user access to specific projects, just check the appropriate projects. You can also choose which type of access the user has on different modules by choosing between Manager / User access.

Managing new user access on Conformio.
Managing existing user access on Conformio.

Step 4 – Click Save to apply the changes.

Make sure you click the Save button to apply the new user settings.

Click Save to apply the changes to the user access rights.


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