Resetting user password

How to reset a user password on Conformio

Step 1 – Access the Users section.

To reset a user’s password, please access the Users section from the header menu.

Accessing the Users section on Conformio.

Step 2 – Select the user who needs their password reset.

Once on the Users section, select the one who needs their password reset.

Select the user who needs their password reset.

Step 3 – Click the Forgot your password option to send a password reset email.

To initiate the password reset procedure, click on the Forgot your password option. The Conformio system will send an appropriate password reset email to the user’s inbox.

Use the Forgot your password option to initiate the password reset procedure.

Step 4 – Follow the Reset password email instructions to complete the procedure.

Conformio will send out a password reset email with instructions on how to complete the password reset procedure and access Conformio once more.

Follow the instructions from the Password reset email.

Step 5 – Choose a new password to access Conformio again.

Set a new password to access Conformio again. Best practice is to use a mix of special characters, numbers, and both lower-case and capital letters to create a strong password. After you enter it and confirm it, please click Set Password to log in to your brand-new free Conformio environment.

] Choose a new password and click Set Password to access Conformio again.


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