Reviewing tasks

How to review tasks

Step 1 – Access project Tasks tab.

To start the reviewing process, first select the project you need, and then navigate to the Tasks tab.

Reviewing tasks - Support Center
Accessing project Tasks tab on Conformio.

Step 2 – Open the task from the Task tab.

Once you are on the Tasks tab, you can access the task right from the list and continue developing it.

Reviewing tasks - Support Center
Opening task from the Task tab.

Step 3 – Add Reviewer and Complete the task.

Once you have the task opened, you can define the task owner and task reviewer. Once the task is completed by the task owner, the user you have set to be the reviewer will receive notification with a link back to the task.

Reviewing tasks - Support Center
Adding Reviewer and Completing task on Conformio.

Step 4 – Access a task that is ready for review.

If the reviewer misses the email and the My discussion notification, the task waiting for review can always be found in the My Tasks module.

Reviewing tasks - Support Center
Accessing a task that is ready for review on Conformio.

Step 5 – Mark the task ready for review as approved/incomplete.

Depending on the quality of the performed work, the reviewer can choose between two options: Mark as Approved or Mark as Incomplete. Either choice will trigger a new notification to the task owner, but if the task is marked as incomplete, the task will be returned to the task list and the task owner will be called back to see what might be improved or corrected.

Reviewing tasks - Support Center
Marking task ready for review as approved/incomplete on Conformio.


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  • DNV GL Business Assurance is one of the leading providers of accredited management systems certification.