Adding and managing User groups

Grouping your employees in specific departments allows you to assign specific courses and sessions in your Company account for each group to enroll in and finish.

In the User groups you can add your Company’s departments in which you can later add users you invited in your Company account.

There are two user groups that are created by default for each Company account: Management and All employees, which you can use. Of course you can always create custom groups.

Adding and managing User groups - Support Center
In the User groups section, you can create custom groups to add your employees to it

If you need to create custom groups, please use the following steps.

Step 1 – Enter a group name

Enter the name of the department in your Company. You can then add the users in that group, who you invited to your Company account.

You can add as many groups as you need and want in your Company account.

Adding and managing User groups - Support Center
Enter a name of your department as a group name you will add your users to

Step 2 – Update your settings

After you finish adding groups to your Company account, don’t forget to click on Update, to save your settings.

Adding and managing User groups - Support Center
When updated, the message note will appear above your groups that the changes were saved




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