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Editing notification

The Company Account includes predefined email notifications for new user invitations, session and course reminders and alerts that you send to your users.

You can edit the text of these notifications and align them to your company needs In the Notification settings section of your Company account.

Editing notification - Support Center
List of the notifications you can edit and manage for your Company account

Each notification has an Edit button next to it. You can edit the text and the timing of each notification for users in your Company account.

These notifications are sent automatically for each course or session you marked as mandatory in the Training/Awareness schedule, according to your timing.

Here are some steps on how to edit a notification:

Step 1 – Editing the notification sender details and content

Upon clicking the Edit button next to the notification you want to edit, the edit page with notification details is opened.

Editing notification - Support Center
Edit the notification

Here you can edit the Sender name, the Reply-to email address and a Subject.

You can edit the content of each notification as well.

Editing notification - Support Center
Edit content of the notification

Step 2 – Set timing of the notification

The invitation notification is sent immediately upon sending an invite to a new user.

You can set the timing for sending notification emails for course or session reminders or alerts.

These are numbered in days and weeks. The notification will be sent to users when you decide, before or after the due date of the scheduled course in Training/awareness schedule.

Editing notification - Support Center
Set timing of the notification

Step 3 – Save your changes

Don’t forget to save your changes after you finish editing the notification.




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