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Examine the options

14001Academy vs. all by yourself


With this convenient 14001Academy vs. all by yourself comparison matrix, you can quickly view the positives and the negatives of implementing ISO 14001 without any expert help. Then, you can take a look at how you can benefit from utilizing the expert support here at 14001Academy to help you implement the standard.



14001Academy vs. consultants


Decide at a glance which is the best choice for your ISO 14001 implementation: hiring a consultant, or utilizing the 14001Academy, with our handy 14001Academy vs. outside consultant comparison matrix. Discover the pros and cons of bringing in an outside consultant, contrasted with taking advantage of our expertise here at the 14001Academy.



14001Academy vs. various web resources


With our handy comparison matrix, you can determine whether it’s acceptable to attempt self-implementation of ISO 14001, using assorted internet downloads for your documentation. The matrix similarly illustrates the collection of products and services at the 14001Academy, as well as a comparison with what other websites provide. Check it out and see which method suits your company best.





List of questions to ask an ISO 14001 consultant

Before you hire a consultant for your ISO 14001 project implementation, make sure you have the answers to these important questions.


Examine your options

Now it’s time to do a little research regarding your implementation options. Essentially, there are 3 ways for your company to get certified in ISO 14001:

  • All alone – this is definitely the hardest method, and takes the most time. This is because you have to develop every document yourself and work out each step by yourself. Lots of organizations try this, but not many actually manage to complete the implementation. Sometimes, after several months – or even years – these businesses figure out that they’ve wasted a great deal of time and money, and gotten nowhere.
  • Hire a consultant – It’s true that a consultant take you step by step through the whole project. It’s also true that they’ll mail you a huge bill once they’re finished. But, if this is the method that’s right for you, be sure and check out our ISO 14001 consultant checklist to assess your consultant’s expertise (which can vary a great deal from consultant to consultant).
  • Do it yourself with support – it’s how we roll here at the 14001Academy. We give you all of the document templates, professional expertise, and plenty of support for you to become certified in ISO 14001 without that expensive consultant.

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