Conformio for Consultants

Streamline Your ISO 27001 Client Projects

Conformio helps consultants deliver multiple projects on time and on budget for their clients. Manage all of your client implementations on one dashboard, eliminating the need to sort through multiple project plans and documents. In addition, you can track tasks and assignments across all of your clients at once, reducing manual effort and saving you time and energy.

Conformio for Consultants - Advisera

Conformio for Consultants Helps you Work Smarter

Conformio was built by top experts in ISO 27001 with over 100 years of collective experience. Designed after thousands of implementations, Conformio provides access to deep knowledge of how to implement the standard. You can also tailor the white label solution to your own brand, getting the best of both worlds.

Key Features

Manage Multiple Clients

The consultant dashboard provides you an overview of all of your clients in one place. You can easily track the progress of each implementation and see outstanding tasks, quickly switching between clients to manage the implementations.

Conformio for Consultants - Advisera
Conformio for Consultants - Advisera

Client Tasks & Reminders

Define tasks and remind your client of overdue items to complete. You can easily manage and remind your clients of the effort needed to keep the project moving.

Eliminate Manual Effort

We automatically guide you through each step of the process to eliminate unnecessary effort. You can also set up Smart Templates that allow you to repeat successful implementations and improve your projects over time, accelerating your time to completion.

Conformio for Consultants - Advisera

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