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Project proposal for ISO 14001:2015 implementation

Implementing a project like ISO 14001:2015 is easier with the support of management. Use our PowerPoint presentation template to help you gain the approval and commitment you need from top management in order to move forward. You’ll also learn invaluable information about the project itself.


Get top management on board

At this point, Oscar will help you take all you’ve learned from the previous 4 steps and craft a winning presentation for your company’s decision makers.

Of course, if you are in charge, a great presentation is the way to tell your team all about the project. You’ll help them understand the implementation, and they’ll be ready to jump on board.

  • Our attractive template will help you save time and effort on your presentation.
  • Structure an organized, realistic project plan.
  • Nothing is forgotten, because we’ve included all the important elements.
  • Make sure stakeholders fully understand your ISO 14001 implementation project.

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