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Latest ISO 14001 Blog Posts

How to prepare for ISO 14001:2015 certification audit

Before an organization gets involved in the ISO 14001 certification audit process, many people are concerned about how to be prepared for this final step of becoming compliant. The truth is that having an auditor checking your work usually creates some tension and fear among many employees, even if it ...Read more

How to choose a certification body for ISO 14001

After they successfully implement an environmental management system, many organizations decide to go for the certification since it is a useful tool to add credibility. Certification demonstrates that their product or service truly meets the ISO 14001 requirements. Other reasons can include certification as a legal or contractual requirement for ...Read more

Differences between ISO 14001 and ISO 50001

ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems – Requirements with Guidance for Use), helps organizations to manage aspects of their operations that can impact the environment. Examples include water and materials use, waste disposal, air emissions and energy use. Energy use often has significant environmental impacts, including depletion of natural resources (gas, ...Read more

Why mining companies should obtain ISO 14001 certification

Mining companies impact their surroundings with varying degrees of severity, whether adverse or beneficial. Environmental impacts must be controlled, and significant environmental impacts are avoided or mitigated in direct relation to a company’s ability to manage environmental aspects. According to ISO 14001, environmental aspects are those elements of a company’s ...Read more



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