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Latest ISO 14001 Blog Posts

How a food business can benefit from ISO 14001

The global food industry is a collective of complex and diverse businesses, both large and small, that work together to feed the population of this planet. Even if your food business is at the smaller end of that scale – think sandwich or coffee shop, or small supplier to these ...Read more

How can ISO 14001 help your company’s facilities management?

Facilities Management (FM) is a business sector that will be worth one trillion US dollars by 2025, according to International Organization for Standardization. It can be described as a discipline that is “concerned with the management, operation and maintenance of an organization’s facilities.” Since every business, no matter what size, ...Read more

How ISO 14001 can improve recycling performance

If you are familiar with ISO 14001:2015, then you will know that when the requirements of the standard are implemented correctly in an Environmental Management System (EMS), then the risk of environmental impact and the amount of wastage are reduced. One place ISO 14001:2015 differs from ISO 14001:2004, however, is ...Read more

How to choose an ISO 14001 consultant

If your organization has decided to implement ISO 14001 with the help of an external consultant, it is time to choose the best candidate. There are many elements that you will need to evaluate when choosing an ISO 14001 consultant, from consultancy fees to experience. This article will give you ...Read more



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