ISO 20000 implementation duration calculator

How long is your ISO 20000-1:2018 implementation going to take? What are the main factors that influence the project duration? What should be done to speed things up? This calculator will help you estimate the time needed for your 20000-1:2018 implementation and give you an idea of the main factors that will influence the project duration.

Free calculator - Duration of ISO 20000-1 implementation

This calculator will help you estimate the time needed for your ISO 20000-1 implementation.

Please enter the data only for the scope of your SMS (Service Management System) - if your scope is smaller than the whole company, please do not enter the data for your whole company. E.g., if your company has 1000 employees, but the scope of implementation includes only 30 employees, your answer to question #1 will be "21 to 50."

Note: We won't share your information with anyone.

Note: If the project duration exceeds 24 months, the project will fail.
Please note that this estimate is calculated on the basis of normal implementation workload - that is, the implementation is done at a pace that doesn't require employees to work long hours of overtime. This kind of project could be done faster than this estimate shows, but it means that some other projects would have to be neglected, and that stress for the implementation team would be much higher.