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ITIL Underpinning Contract vs. ISO 20000 Supplier Contract – Similarities and differences

Most of the clients I work with are focused on their customers and the services they deliver to them. Accordingly, I always receive a bunch of questions related to the Service Level Agreement (SLA;...

ISO 20000 Incident and Service Request Management – Increasing efficiency with information flow

Once your service is in the live environment, the Incident and Service Request Management process will count for the majority of your daily activities. This means, from a practical point of view, that your...

What is the job of the Service Desk Manager?

If you think about jobs in IT, many of you would think about technical, routine tasks and spending time in front of various terminals. Well, for many of the jobs – this interpretation could...

Is it possible to calculate ROI for ITIL?

Let’s be honest – IT people and financials don’t like each other. One would say – two separate worlds. Actually, it is so. Different data and different kinds of activities equal different mindsets.  We...

Does ISO 20000 guarantee excellence in IT service delivery?

It’s easy to talk to the people who are familiar with ISO standards, i.e., their purpose and pros & cons of the implementation. But, let’s be honest – such people are the minority. There...

How to resolve the problem ticket/record according to ITIL/ISO 20000

How many times have you heard: “It happened again”? In that moment, everyone (and particularly management) on the IT Service Management (ITSM) team wished that the real cause of the incident had been found...

5 key benefits of ISO 20000 implementation

I agree with all of you who claim that implementation of ISO/IEC 20000 is a complex task. But, see it from the positive side – at least you have a concrete goal. Yes, there...

Is ITIL applicable for small companies as well?

Often, during discussions or ITIL trainings, arguments are heard about ITIL implementation. And there is a pattern in such conversation – for what kind of organizations is ITIL suited? What kind of organizations implement ITIL...

How to use ITIL to prepare the Service Asset & Configuration Management Plan

My personal view on ITSM was always in favor of Change Management being at the center of IT operations, because it enables you to perform changes in a controlled manner, allowing beneficial changes to...

How ITIL can help cloud services

Cloud-based services, in comparison to traditionally delivered IT services (i.e., implemented in-house), changed the way people consume services. That’s particularly true for small businesses, which gained significant value because the cloud enabled them to...