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Three main activities to set up ITIL Service Asset and Configuration Management

Starting from scratch gives you the opportunity to set things up as you find appropriate. This is also true for processes. The first time I had a project task to establish a Service Asset...

Transition planning and support – bridging design and operation

There are few processes inside the current version of ITIL that are less known, but certainly not less important. The transition planning and support process is one of them. I have to admit, companies...

ITIL CSI 7-step improvement process: Start gathering the data

Within the previous article ITIL CSI 7-step improvement process: What is it all about? we gave general information regarding the core of the ITIL CSI: 7-step improvement process. In my honest opinion, this process is the...

ITIL Availability Plan – A document you need, but probably don’t have

Just by casually reading our blog, you can pretty much get all the basic info regarding core ITIL modules from Service Operation, Service Transition, Service Design, or Service Strategy. IT organizations are generally most interested...

What is ISO 20000?

Click here for a simple, straightforward guide to ISO 20000 requirements. Understand what ISO 20000 is and why ISO 20000 is good for your organization.

How to use ITIL to avoid 50% of IT project failures

It’s no secret that IT projects fail. What can’t be agreed upon is by which percentage. Many years ago, when I entered the Project Management world, I was told that as many as half...

ITIL and ISO 20000 – What does Project Management have to do with it?

Both ITIL and ISO 20000 are related to IT services. But, how much does project management fit in with (both of) them? I would say – a lot. Actually, I’m sure I’m not telling you anything...

ITIL Event Management – Entry point of Service Operation

How do you find out that there is an issue with your IT infrastructure and/or services? If your answer exclusively relies on end-users reporting issues to the Service Desk, you may want to learn...

ITIL – Service Validation and Testing

IT technicians’ and engineers’ love for “instant deployment” mechanisms has already been the topic of a previous article: ITIL Release and Deployment Management Part I – General principles and service testing, but instead of...

ITIL – Implementing Knowledge Management

When I read Branimir’s article about Knowledge Management within ITIL (which I strongly recommend that you read if you haven’t already), Building a world of knowledge – ITIL Knowledge Management, one thing immediately came...