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Compare ISO 45001 implementation options

Comparison with consultant


Quickly determine your best option for implementing ISO 45001: the 45001Academy or an outside consultant, with our convenient 45001Academy vs. a consultant comparison matrix.



Comparison with going solo


Use our handy 45001Academy vs. do-it-yourself comparison matrix for a quick look at the pros and cons of self-implementation of ISO 45001 without any expert help.



Comparison with other online providers


Use our simple comparison matrix to decide if it’s worth the risk to try to implement ISO 45001 on your own, using various online sources for your document templates.



Compare ISO 45001 implementation options

Not sure which method is right for your situation?
Here’s the good news: several options are available for your ISO 45001 implementation – you can find a consultant, you can try it yourself, or you can do it yourself with support from our industry experts. The bad news? It can be really hard to choose the best solution for you.

To help you decide, we’ve compared our method with other leading solutions:

  • 45001Academy vs. a consultant
  • 45001Academy vs. going solo
  • 45001Academy vs. competitor websites

Free ISO 45001 Consultation

Our in-house ISO 45001 expert consultants are on hand and ready to talk with you about which steps your organization should take next. We know how confusing things can get, and we provide sound advice you can rely on.