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  • More than 200 accredited providers
  • Globally recognized accreditation
ASIC Accreditation - Advisera
ASIC Accreditation - Advisera

ASIC – One of the Most Trustworthy Accreditation Bodies

ASIC is one of the world’s largest international accreditation agencies for schools, colleges, universities, and online learning providers. Based in the UK, this government-approved quality assurance body is recognized globally, with more than 400 providers accredited in over 65 countries.

How ASIC Accreditation Proves Value of Courses

ASIC accreditation ensures training programs meet quality and competence standards through a transparent and impartial process. ASIC guarantees the quality of Advisera’s courses with:

  • Ongoing monitoring and audits of Advisera
  • Highest standards for obtaining and maintaining course accreditation
  • Expertise in the field of auditing of educational organizations
ASIC Accreditation - Advisera

Accredited Online Training

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ASIC Accreditation - Advisera
ASIC Accreditation - Advisera

Why Advisera Chose ASIC

Advisera chose ASIC accreditation because it is focused primarily on leading universities and online training organizations. When compared to other accreditation bodies, it has the largest portfolio of higher education organizations, as well as distance education providers.

Benefits of ASIC for Course Participants

Individuals who enroll in Advisera's ASIC-accredited courses distinguish themselves in the ISO and privacy industry. Investing in accredited courses indicates a commitment to professional growth and can open up endless opportunities for career progress. Accreditation attests to essential skills and knowledge, with exams as proof of expertise to potential employers and certification bodies. This is a promising investment in the future, ensured and monitored by the strictest accreditation standards.

ASIC Accreditation - Advisera

Frequently Asked Questions

Check answers to our most asked questions.

Do all certification bodies accept ASIC accreditation?

ASIC accreditation is accepted by a vast majority of certification bodies and other stakeholders, making certified courses a worthy investment.

What does ASIC accreditation ensure?

ASIC accreditation ensures that Advisera meets specific education quality standards and institutional integrity. The accreditation process involves thoroughly reviewing Advisera's courses, policies, and other aspects of operations to ensure that it meets or exceeds established standards.

How does ASIC guarantee the quality of courses?

ASIC guarantees the quality of courses through a rigorous accreditation and monitoring process. The process includes conducting audits and reviews of training providers, assessing their compliance with national standards, and taking action against non-compliance.

How can I confirm the institution is accredited by ASIC?

You can find all institutions accredited by ASIC in ASIC's directory, which is updated regularly on their website.

When do ASIC certificates expire?

Once you pass the exam and obtain Advisera’s certificate with the ASIC logo, the certificate will have no expiration date, which means they have indefinite validity.

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