No matter what ISO standard you are implementing or maintaining through the Conformio ISO Tool, it is far easier to do that with your whole team on board. Having them all in the same place at the same time – that is where the magic happens. They work on their tasks, their files, and boy, can they discuss.

Focusing on fresh messages with Unread tab

On Conformio, we tried to keep all discussions at one place – My Discussions – so you don’t have to search for them all over the tool. Everything related to you is kept on the same page. You can easily follow up on fresh messages on the Unread tab, or see your previous discussions on the All tab.


Figure 1 – Unread and All tab

Staying on top of the important messages with Mark as read option

Still, your team can be very chatty and messages tend to pile up after some time.

To give you full control over this, we created a “Mark as read” option – the simplest way to remove outdated or completed discussions from the Unread tab. Just click on the “Mark as read” option right below the main message in the thread and voila, the whole thread is moved to the All tab.


Figure 2 – Mark as read option

In case you need it again, just go to the All tab and there it is.


Figure 3 – Relocating moved thread

Having this option empowers you and your team to stay on course and focus on the right messages related to your ISO project, tasks, and documentation. This means that you can get rid of poor email communication, increase productivity, and easily follow up on the stuff that really matters.

If this makes sense, go on and give it a try – it is free.

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