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EU is funding Conformio - Advisera


EU is funding Conformio - Advisera


European Regional Development Fund

Project name

Conformio platform – an innovative and comprehensive solution for implementation of ISO standards and better business process organization at SMEs.


Advisera Expert Solutions d.o.o.

Short description of the project

Conformio was developed after identifying the need for a comprehensive solution for implementation of ISO standards. Conformio is a platform designed to offer everything a company needs for a timely and successful implementation of ISO standards in one centralized place that is always accessible from the internet. Conformio also offers integrated expert support in the form of document templates, videos and instructions that guide users through the ISO standard implementation process, step-by-step. This helps organizations attain an ISO certificate more efficiently, saving time and resources.

Goals and expected results of the project

Adapt the Conformio online platform to market demands and commercialize it.

Total project value

2.504.819,88 HRK

EU funded amount

1.393.659,94 HRK

Project duration

March 15, 2017 - March 15, 2020