Tracking and managing environmental incidents is one of the most important tasks in your Environmental Management System (EMS). It is so important because it directly impacts your ability to control and reduce your negative environmental impact during an emergency situation. Having a quick and easy process to track and manage these incidents can be the difference between a rapid response and a large environmental impact.

Environmental incidents: What are the challenges?

In order to best manage your environmental incidents, it is important to first identify and address the challenges of implementing an environmental incident process so that you can find the best way to address them. So, what are the challenges in environmental incident management?

  1. Delays due to limited access
  2. Confusion due to complexity of the process
  3. Failure to recall the process due to infrequent use

To help address these challenges, it can be helpful to use an online tool that gives people access to the information they need, when and where they need it.

Improving environmental incident management with an online ISO tool

One way to address these challenges and ensure that your environmental incident process runs smoothly is through the use of a simple online ISO software tool. Three of the benefits that an online tool offers to address these challenges are: access, direction and simplicity.

  1. Access ‑ With an online tool, you have access to the information you need form anywhere. No matter where the environmental incident takes place, your employees can access and use the software right at the site via:
    • An on-site computer
    • A tablet or computer at a remote site
    • Smartphone access on the road
  2. Direction ‑ By this, I mean step-by-step directions for the process. If a process is not used often, employees may need to review the process before performing the steps. With an online tool, this delay is not necessary because:
    • It is easy to see what is needed
    • Software will walk you through the process
    • Missing information will not be accepted because the program will not proceed without it
  3. Simplicity ‑ Initial training and ongoing use of a process is easier with an online tool. With software direction, employees can work better because they will be:
    • More confident in how the process works
    • Less worried that important steps will be forgotten
    • Easily remembering what needs to be done when the software steps the employee through the process

Conformio ‑ An easy online ISO tool for environmental incident management

Conformio is a simple yet powerful online tool that can help with your environmental incident response.

1) Accessibility ‑ With online access, Conformio can be used anywhere by employees. This could be in your building, at a remote location, or on the road. Even if an environmental incident happens during the delivery of your product, your truck driver can access Conformio through a tablet or smartphone and start managing the incident response simply and immediately.

How to Track and Manage Environmental Incidents using ISO 14001 Online Tools - Conformio

Figure 1: View of my discussions page in Conformio

2) Direction ‑ When you need to respond quickly to an environmental incident, you want to have a process and a software tool that can direct employees through the process. This allows your employees to quickly work through the process rather than spending time trying to figure out what they need to do. By making it easier to manage an environmental incident, Confromio will help your employees get the job done.

How to Track and Manage Environmental Incidents using ISO 14001 Online Tools - Conformio

Figure 2: View of an environmental incident in Conformio

3) Simplicity ‑ Fully tracking and managing environmental incidents is faster and simpler with a software tool that is easy to use. One important aspect of this simplicity is being able to view all your open incidents in one place so that you can see what has been done and what still remains to be done.

How to Track and Manage Environmental Incidents using ISO 14001 Online Tools - Conformio

Figure 3: View of the incident/complaints module in Conformio

Online ISO tools make environmental incident management easier

Managing environmental incidents can be a challenge, and it is important to have a quick and easy way to track your response to these negative events. Using an online ISO tool can help to make this response timely, efficient and complete so that you address the issue fast and don’t lose track of what still needs to be done. This not only makes your response better, but it also makes reporting on the incident quick and simple, making your life easier.

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