"Advisera provided us with all necessary templates to become GDPR compliant. The templates were self-explanatory and had embedded notes and guidelines in it. The training video’s gave a good understanding of all aspects of GDPR. For companies looking for a toolkit to implement GDPR themselves I can recommend Advisera."
Douwe Visser
Director & Compliance Officer, Resonate Consultancy
"Toolkit gives a great base for own documents. It also teaches some really helpful best practices (document structures, helpful comments, etc.)."
Christoph Thiel
"When I opened the toolkit I was desperate to implement the system and I found myself moving quick because the toolkit is rich in useful documentation. It's reducing me time of thinking, verifying searching for information and typing. And it also give me an opportunity to see how other experts develop their systems. It doesn't have a few site specific documents that I need but it's still fine."
Susanne Wesner
"Managed the documentation with ease."
Nisar Khan
Kuwait International Bank
"The documents are well laid out and with our company’s standard formatting they are just falling into place."
Thomas Green
"Your articles and templates gives excellent oversight of the requirements and help to organize the process."
Atle Dalsbø
LocalHost AS
"Better know which documents are essentials. And that documents are consistent and clean."
Ziemowit Borowski
"Clear, precise, concrete."
Emir Ramic
Head of Information Technology
"The toolkit has provided me with some great starting places so I don't have to create various documents from scratch or spend time searching the web for examples and templates."
Christy Bentivoglio
"You have helped us immensely over these last few months."
Stephan Lesher
Director of Information Technology, Chief Security Officer at Alpha Systems
"This information has guided me in certain ways that I thought I was doing proper, and discovered there were easier ways of accomplishing ISO with the proper information in hand."
Tim Johns
"Your documentation has really been a huge help. Our stage 2 audit is on Monday, and you have really helped to plug areas that we were lacking. The content you have is what impressed me the most. While we had all the docs that I purchased from you, yours just felt much more complete."
Timothy Cohen
System Administrator at Alpha Systems
"Helped me a lot. Very useful and profesional documents. Warm regards from Latin America."
Elder Guerra
Aseguradora Fidelis, S.A.
"We used your templates to augment our documentation, and our ISO 27001 certification process went well! We have now passed, and are certified."
Joe Raschke
"Your effort in building a self implementation toolkit is fantabulous."
Parvez Hamza
Senior Risk & Compliance Analyst, Gasco
"Absolutely, the toolkit was fantastic. It has taught me a lot about security measures that I would not have even considered or thought about. The toolkit made the journey a smooth ride. Well worth the money."
Jay Verma
VF Enterprises Ltd
"Very helpful and Dejan was very detailed, organized, and helpful at all times."
Kathy Ebbert
"It helps to stay focused on the key steps and offers a structure for roll out of the project."
Ludo Claes
LC Company
"It is much easier to structure our ISO 27001 documentation around a set of templates than if we had to start from scratch."
Claus Nedergaard Jacobsen
Antrotech ApS
"With the need to demonstrate GDPR compliance, the toolkit has enabled me to get through the required documents methodically and the online assistance has been fabulous."
Brian Gould
viaPeople, Inc.
"Using the toolkit to create documentation has focused us on the tasks and changes that we need to make."
Piers Anderson
"Surely it is an essential starting point to deepen and tailor corporate documentation and to achieve the results planned in a shorter time. Thank's"
Fabrizio Salvadori
RSPP Safety Manager / DPO Privacy Manager / H&S Engineering & Training
"It provided a clear outline of what was required saving a massive amount of time and research."
Kevin Harkin
Forward Emphasis International
"Allowed me to kickstart the documentation set of the project."
Steven Bailey
"The toolkit answered many questions when starting a new policy or understanding how to meet the ISO 27001 standard. Thanks for your help!"
Jonathan Lundy
Liferay Inc.



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