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Experta’s API

Experta is not only a chatbot — on its back end, Experta has a powerful knowledge base that is trained on tens of thousands of questions and answers on ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001. All of these answers are curated by ISO experts to ensure they are correct.

Since Experta creates answers based only on curated data (and not on the information it finds on the Internet), Experta provides much more accurate and reliable answers about these standards when compared to other chatbots like ChatGPT, Bing, Bard, and others.

Advisera makes access to this knowledge base available to your company via API – if you want to use Experta’s knowledge base for your application, you do not have to build a huge number of questions and answers about ISO standards — this is readily available by simply sending a question to Advisera’s API, and you get an instant answer.

Experta’s API - Advisera

Here are some ideas on where you can use Experta’s API:

  • Intranet portals – a great way of helping your employees get quick answers
  • Internal messaging applications – if you have a proprietary messaging system, this API enables Experta to answer directly via your existing system
  • GRC or compliance software – if you have software that you sell to your customers, you can avoid the costly process of answering customer questions manually
  • Online training – if you have online courses or a learning management system (LMS), you can embed a chatbot that enables your students to get instant answers on ISO standards


  • White labeling
  • Reports that show you all questions and answers
  • All answers are monitored by Advisera’s experts, and, if needed, the answer is corrected
  • Upload your own questions and answers to train the chatbot

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