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Experta integration for Slack

Experta provides answers not only through the application — you can integrate it into your messaging application (e.g., Slack), and enable it to provide you with quick answers to any questions about ISO standards.

Experta integration for Slack - Advisera
Experta creates answers based only on the curated proprietary knowledge base (and not on the information it finds on the Internet), so it provides much more accurate and reliable answers about ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 when compared to other chatbots like ChatGPT, Bing, Bard, and others. This makes it the perfect companion to help your colleagues via Slack.
Experta integration for Slack - Advisera

Here are a couple of ways you could use Experta via Slack:

  • Implementation project — get guidance on the implementation steps, ask for clarification, and confirm what is required and what is optional.
  • Internal audit — create a list of all items that need to be audited, what kind of evidence to look for, and what is considered a nonconformity.
  • Preparation for the certification — learn about the certification process, check what the certification auditor will be looking for, and ask what kind of evidence to prepare.
  • Maintenance of the certification — ask what kind of continuous activities are required, and what kinds of records are needed.


  • No need to register any of your users with — they can ask questions directly via your existing Slack account.
  • Get the answers to questions right away, without waiting for a human expert.
  • By including Experta in your internal discussions, you speed up the compliance process.


  • Use Experta for an unlimited number of users — anyone who is part of your Slack account.
  • Experta answers questions via channel, or via private message.
  • Asking questions is easy — simply write “@Experta,” and it will provide the answer within a couple of seconds.
  • All answers are monitored by Advisera’s experts, and, if needed, the answer is corrected and sent to the user who asked the question.

Talk to Experta’s manager

To ask questions about Slack integration, schedule a call with Experta’s manager.