Adding users

Your Company account is an online tool for organizing effective learning for your employees. This means you can add as many users as your Company account plan allows.

In the Users section, you can see the list of the users you have added under your Company account.

You can also see their last login date, in which group they are added and track down their progress and actions.

Adding users - Support Center
Here you can see the list of your users in your Company account

How to add a user to your Company account?

You can add a new user by simply adding him as a new user.

Step 1 – Add a new user through the section in your Company account

You can add a new user in the “Add new users” section of your company account. Edit details of your new user – his email address and join him to one of your groups.

Adding users - Support Center
Add your employee to your Company account in the Add new users section

Step 2 – Add an email address

You need to enter an email address of a person you want to invite to your Company account.

Adding users - Support Center
Add an email address of the person you want to invite to your Company account

Step 3 – Add your user in the User group

You can select in which of the Company account’s User groups your user will be added.

Of course, users can be added in multiple groups.

Don’t worry, if you are not yet sure which group you will add your user, you can do this step later.

Adding users - Support Center
Add user in one of your Company account User groups

If you didn’t create a group for your user to be added to, don’t worry you can click on Add / edit user groups, which will lead you directly to adding User group section.

Adding users - Support Center
You can add or edit user groups to add your user in one or multiple groups

Step 4 – Send an invitation

After you are finished – you can send an invitation to your new user.

This invite will come as an email with an activation link to a user.

Adding users - Support Center
Send an invitation which will notify your new user to activate his account and connects to your Company account

If you want to edit a default invitation that we prepared for you, just click on Edit invite email, which will lead you directly to Notification settings where you can edit your default emails.

Adding users - Support Center
You can edit an invitation mail text as you like

Step 5 – You are all set!

You sent an invitation to your user!

Once he activates his account you will be notified.

Now go and schedule some courses and sessions for him. 🙂

Adding users - Support Center
In the Users section of your Company account you see a list of all your employees and their details as well




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