NIS 2 Documentation Toolkit

Become NIS 2 compliant without a consultant, with an AI wizard that speeds up filling out the documents.
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  • 1 + 1 PACKAGE: The price includes the NIS 2 Documentation Toolkit + (free add-on) Local cybersecurity toolkit
    You can select a Local cybersecurity toolkit for 1 country during the purchase process
  • The NIS 2 Documentation Toolkit (in English) includes all required cybersecurity and incident reporting templates — in total, 72 documents
    Editable MS Word and MS Excel policies, procedures, plans, and forms required for NIS 2 articles 20, 21, and 23
  • The Local cybersecurity toolkit (in local language) includes all cybersecurity and incident reporting templates required by local laws and regulations
    Every EU country will publish their own laws and regulations based on NIS 2 where they specify additional cybersecurity requirements

BONUS features:

  • Free updates for 24 months

    You’ll receive updated policies and procedures for a full 2 years after your purchase, free of charge

  • AI-powered wizard

    Wizard that automatically inserts company-specific information into your documents — company name, logo, job titles, departments, etc.

  • Email support

    We will answer your questions within 1 business day. You can send up to 10 questions per month.

  • Expert review of a document

    After completing the document, you can send it for our review, and we’ll give you our comments on what you need to improve to make it compliant with the standard.

  • One hour of live 1-on-1 online consultation

    Set up a time to speak to our experts to resolve issues with implementation or answer questions regarding the standard.

Fully optimized for essential and important organizations from all 18 sectors specified in NIS 2.
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Toolkit Documents

    1. Project Launch Decision
    2. Project Plan
    3. Initial Training Plan
    4. Policy on Information System Security
Select country for Local cybersecurity toolkit:
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NIS 2 Documentation Toolkit - Advisera

What Makes the NIS 2 Toolkit Special?


Choose Advisera for your compliance project and benefit from:

  • over a decade of expertise in the compliance industry helping thousands of companies get compliant with standards and regulations
  • > 98% satisfaction rate with products and customer support
  • highest quality and regularly updated documents created by renowned experts

NIS 2 Documentation Toolkit - Advisera NIS 2 Documentation Toolkit - Advisera
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Right for Your Business?

NIS 2 Documentation Toolkit - Advisera

Created by Experts

Advisera’s toolkits are developed by some of the most experienced consultants for NIS 2 and cybersecurity, as well as AI experts.

NIS 2 Documentation Toolkit - Advisera

Easy to Understand, Simple to Use

All documents are 90% pre-written. AI will help you fill out each document with information specific to your company, so you’ll save both time and money with your NIS 2 implementation process.

NIS 2 Documentation Toolkit - Advisera

Built for Critical Infrastructure Entities

We have built the toolkit to help essential and important organizations minimize the time and cost of implementation. Our easy-to-use toolkit will help you implement your network and information systems security policies and procedures, and get yourself NIS 2 compliant.

We understood your needs, found the answers to your questions, and developed our NIS 2 Toolkit especially for your company.

Expert Support

How does EXPERT SUPPORT work?

  • 1

    Live expert support

    Our NIS 2 expert will meet with you and tell you where to start, what the next steps are, and how to resolve any issues you may face with security management. You can meet via Zoom, MS Teams, or through any other means at your convenience.

  • 2

    Email support

    Reach out to us at any time during your implementation project, and have your questions answered within 24 hours by our experts.

  • 3

    Expert review of a document

    Once you complete your documents, let our experts review them – they’ll provide you with feedback and indicate what needs to be improved.

NIS 2 Documentation Toolkit - Advisera

Dejan Kosutic

Lead NIS 2 and ISO 27001/ISO 22301 Expert

Leading expert on cybersecurity & information security and the author of several books, articles, webinars, and courses. As a premier expert, Dejan founded Advisera to help small and medium businesses obtain the resources they need to become compliant with EU regulations and ISO standards. He believes that making complex frameworks easy to understand and simple to use creates a competitive advantage for Advisera's clients, and that AI technology is crucial for achieving this.

As an ISO 27001 and NIS 2 expert, Dejan helps companies find the best path to compliance by eliminating overhead and adapting the implementation to their size and industry specifics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t find the answer? Check out our FAQs. This easy-to-use section will help you to find answers to the most-asked questions.

Where can I check if a country has published local cybersecurity legislation based on NIS 2?

To check if a country has transposed NIS 2 into its local legislation, click this link to see the official NIS 2 transposition page:

When and how will I get the toolkit?

Immediately after the transaction is processed, you will receive an email with a download link. It could not be quicker or simpler.

Is this AI technology reliable?

All AI technologies used for this toolkit are thoroughly tested. On top of this, the AI-powered wizards only suggest the best content to fill out, but you can always override the suggestion and fill out your own information.

What payment methods do you accept?

We take all major credit cards and PayPal payment, and we can accept a wire transfer from your bank account.

How do you keep my payment information safe?

We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, the industry standard. SSL is one of the world’s most secure ways to pay online. Your payment information is encrypted, and then immediately sent to the payment processor. We don’t see your payment information, and we don’t store any details.

Which currencies are accepted?

We accept payment in 50+ common currencies, including Euros, US Dollars, Swiss Francs, and British Pounds.

I’m just not certain if these documents are what I need. Can I take a look before buying?

Of course! Click on the “DOWNLOAD FREE DEMO” button, type in your name and email address, and you can have a free preview of every NIS 2 document before you make your purchase decision.

Who is Advisera?

Advisera Expert Solutions Ltd is a company specialized in providing online support for ISO implementation. In the last 15 years, it has covered all the major privacy and cybersecurity regulations and ISO standards, and it is selling its products in more than 100 countries worldwide. Read more here.

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