How to Perform a Remote Audit

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  2. Duration

    2 hours

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  4. Format

    Live virtual training

  1. This live, interactive virtual training is conducted by a top Advisera expert, who will work with a small group using practical examples that will help you understand the specifics of a remote audit, how to prepare for a remote audit and how to perform a remote audit.

    Who should attend

    • Experienced consultants who want to improve their skills to perform a remote audit
    • New consultants looking for practical knowledge to develop their skills to perform a remote audit
    How to Perform a Remote Audit - Advisera

    What will I learn?

    • How to prepare the environment for a remote audit
    • What is different when preparing an opening meeting for a remote audit
    • How to perform the remote audit
    • How to prepare the report and closing meeting after the remote audit


    • Improve your skills as an auditor
    • Increase your chances to win new clients abroad
    • Reduce your costs when performing an audit

Live Virtual Training

Currently, we don't have scheduled live virtual training, please submit your interest, and we will contact you once we schedule the date.


How to Perform a Remote Audit - Advisera

Carlos Pereira da Cruz

Lead ISO 9001/ISO 14001 Expert

Carlos Pereira da Cruz has 30 years of experience helping various organizations including industrial, healthcare, and service companies in the implementation of management systems.

He is certified as a Lead Auditor for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, with vast experience as a consultant, certification auditor, trainer, and author of various books and articles related to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

His main concern has been incorporating a business point of view with a strong focus on results when implementing or reviewing management systems.

He has an MSc in Chemical Engineering and a post-graduation on Quality Engineering from CEQUAL.


How to Perform a Remote Audit - Advisera

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How to Perform a Remote Audit - Advisera

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How to Perform a Remote Audit - Advisera

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