ChatGPT and other generative AI solutions – How to comply with the GDPR

Webinar designed for companies that want to apply generative AI algorithms and tools, and at the same time comply with the EU GDPR. Since generative AI uses personal data as input, we will show you how to face challenges that include privacy, bias, ethics, and security issues.

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    Recorded Webinar

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    61m 14s (1h 1m 14s)

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    • What a generative AI algorithm is, and how it works
    • Types of confidentiality and privacy breaches
    • Handling data subject requests
    • Technical and organisational measures needed to comply with the GDPR
    • Biggest challenges


Tudor Galos

Award-winning Business Consultant with a focus on the GDPR
As a versatile expert, Tudor has an ECPC-B Professional DPO Certification from the European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity (Maastricht). His company has delivered GDPR compliance projects to 50+ customers in verticals like Retail, E-tail, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Digital Advertising, FMCG, etc.