Comparison of GDPR With Leading Privacy Regulations Worldwide

Learn how GDPR compares to other data privacy regulations across the world, and how you can manage your efforts in a global environment.

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    Recorded webinar

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    46m 40s

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In this webinar, you will find some tips & tricks on how to deal with compliance when doing business outside Europe, and vice versa. You will receive insight on how the GDPR is applicable in countries like China, Russia, the United States, and others, as well as its impact on personal data flows between EU and non-EU countries.

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    • Understand the differences and synergies between the GDPR and other existing legislation
    • Get an overview of the laws in force in China, Russia, the UK (after Brexit), the US, and Brazil
    • Learn how to mitigate operational risks
    • Increase your business strategies


Juan Carlos Lopez

Global IT security executive