How to Integrate GDPR With ISO 27001

Learn the benefits of GDPR and ISO 27001 integration, and the optimal steps for execution.

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    Recorded webinar

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    59m 3s

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This webinar is designed for organisations that want to comply with the requirements of GDPR, but at the same time want to implement best security practices from ISO 27001.

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    • Why ISO 27001 is useful for GDPR implementation
    • Similarities and differences between GDPR and ISO 27001
    • Implementation issues – comply with them in parallel or separately
    • Roles – to what extent to use the same personnel
    • What top management must take into account


Dejan Kosutic

CEO & Lead Expert for ISO 27001, ISO 22301, and EU GDPR
Leading expert on cybersecurity/information and data security and author of several books, articles, webinars, and courses. Dejan founded Advisera to help small and medium businesses obtain the resources they need to become certified against ISO standards and compliant with the EU GDPR. He believes that making standards and frameworks easy to understand and simple to use creates a competitive advantage for Advisera’s clients.