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Understanding IT disaster recovery according to ISO 27031

Section A.17.1 of Annex A of ISO 27001 has as its objective that an organization shall embed information security continuity in its business continuity management systems. To support that, this section provides controls related to business continuity procedures (BCPs), recovery plans and redundancies. However, like all management system standards, ISO 27001 describes only what …

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Activation procedures for business continuity plan

Having a business continuity plan is nice, but if you don’t know when and how to start using it, the money you’ve invested in it was spent in vain. Even worse, you’ll likely lose quite a lot of money because your business operations will be disrupted. What is a business …

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Disaster recovery vs Business continuity

Has it ever happened to you that your management has given you the responsibility to implement business continuity just because you are in the IT department? Why is business continuity usually identified with information technology? This is probably because business continuity has its roots in disaster recovery, and disaster recovery …

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How to write business continuity plans?

If you started implementing business continuity management, probably the biggest challenge you are facing is writing the business continuity plans. Why is it so difficult? Well, you have to think of various scenarios under which a disaster (or other kind of disruption of business activities) can occur, and you have …

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Dejan Kosutic
Lead ISO 27001/22301 Expert, Advisera


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