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Should information security focus on asset protection, compliance, or corporate governance?

Traditionally, information security has been perceived as an activity that was built around protecting sensitive information assets – after all, this is what the first (2005) revision of ISO 27001, and its predecessor BS 7799-2, also emphasized. These standards required companies to identify all the assets, and then build the …

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8 Security Practices to Use in Your Employee Training and Awareness Program

This might be hard to believe, but it is true: 59% of data breaches are happening not because of some smart hacker who wants to do harm to your company; those breaches are happening because of your own employees. As I’ve argued in my article How a change in thinking …

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Small business guide to cyber security: 6 steps against the data breach

Lately we’ve seen many large companies getting hacked: Anthem, Sony, and Target to name just a few. The number of data breaches increased 27.5% in 2014, so measures against these types of security incidents are on the rise in large companies. How about small businesses? Do they really stand a …

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Top 10 information security bloggers in 2014

If you want to stay on top of cybersecurity / information security news and insights, here are the blogs that I found the most useful. I listed here only the blogs written by independent authors (blogs that were not edited by an editorial team), and I listed them in alphabetical …

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Information security or IT security?

Update 2014-08-11: The number of controls was updated according to 2013 revision of ISO 27001. One would think that these two terms are synonyms – after all, isn’t information security all about computers? Not really. The basic point is this – you might have perfect IT security measures, but only …

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Dejan Kosutic
Lead ISO 27001/22301 Expert, Advisera


ISO 27001 & ISO 22301
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