EU GDPR Documentation Toolkit

Fully optimized for small and medium-sized companies

Comply with GDPR yourself, and do it easily and efficiently with our Documentation Toolkit.

  • Step-by-Step Guidance
  • 39 Document Templates
    Unlimited access to all documents required by GDPR, plus commonly used non-mandatory documents. Editable MS Word and MS Excel policies, procedures, plans, and forms that you can adapt to your company needs.
  • Video Tutorials
    Videos that help you fill out the most important documents using real data – what you need to keep, what you can change, and what you can delete.
  • Expert Review of a Document
    After completing the document, you can send it for our review, and we’ll give you our comments on what you need to improve to make it compliant with the standards.
  • One Hour of Live 1-on-1 Online Consultations
    Set up a time to speak to our experts to resolve issues with implementation or answer questions regarding the standard.
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Toolkit Documents

    1. EU GDPR Readiness Assessment
    2. Personal Data Protection Policy
    3. Data Retention Policy
    4. Data Retention Schedule

    Documents Available in Premium Toolkit:

    1. Employee Personal Data Protection Policy

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(Price does not include tax)
(Price does not include tax)
(Price does not include tax)
39 document templates compliant with GDPR
Access to video tutorials
Email support
10 questions per month
One-on-one support with an GDPR expert
1 hour
5 hours
15 hours
Expert review (completed documents)
1 document
5 documents
15 documents
Compliance check
1 hour call where we can check the most important items that the compliance auditor will be looking for

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Here’s Your GDPR Expert

Tudor is a versatile, award-winning business consultant with a focus on the EU GDPR. He has an ECPC-B Professional DPO Certification from the European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity, Maastricht University.

Tudor’s company has delivered GDPR compliance projects to more than 50 customers in verticals like Retail, E-tail, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Digital Advertising, FMCG, etc.

EU GDPR Documentation Toolkit - Advisera

Tudor Galos

GDPR Expert

Professional Support

EU GDPR Documentation Toolkit - Advisera

Live Expert Support

Our GDPR expert will meet with you regularly – he will tell you where to start, what the next steps are, and how to resolve any requirements you face. You can meet via Skype, over the telephone, or through any other means at your convenience.

EU GDPR Documentation Toolkit - Advisera

Unlimited E-Mail Support

Reach out to us at any time during your implementation project with unlimited email support, and have your questions answered by our experts within 24 hours.

EU GDPR Documentation Toolkit - Advisera

Expert Document Review

Once you complete your documents, let our experts review them – they’ll provide you with feedback and indicate what needs to be improved.

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