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ITIL Certification Path – list of all available ITIL trainings, exams and certificates

Author: Neven Zitek

In this article you’ll find list of all ITIL trainings, exams and certifications. We’ll say a few words about the ITIL® Qualification Scheme – rules that govern your ITIL Certification Path, which trainings are available, and when you’ll be awarded the certificate. Before you start, you can read this ITIL Certification article, to find out more about ITIL Certification in general.

Each exam taken awards you a certain number of “ITIL Credits.” In order to proceed to the next level of training, or receive an ITIL Certificate, a certain number of credits are required.


1. ITIL Foundation

ITIL Foundation is an introduction to ITIL Service Management. If you are starting with ITIL, read this ITIL Foundation – all you need to know article!

  • Prerequisites: none.
  • Training: yes.
  • Examination: yes (awards 2 ITIL credits).
  • Certificate: yes (ITIL Foundation – awarded after successful exam).

2. ITIL Intermediate

ITIL Intermediate is the next step toward ITIL Service Management. It’s composed of two streams, and learning modules within those streams. Want to know more on ITIL Intermediate – the next step into the ITIL world?

General info:

  • Prerequisites: ITIL Foundation Certificate.
  • Training: yes.
  • Examination: yes (number of credits awarded will be displayed in brackets for each module).
  • Certificate: no.

Service Lifecycle stream modules:

  • Service Strategy (3 credits)
  • Service Design (3 credits) (Great blog post about Service Design in ITIL!)
  • Service Transition (3 credits)
  • Service Operation (3 credits)
  • Continual Service Improvement (3 credits)

Service Capability stream modules:

  • Service Offerings and Agreements (4 credits)
  • Release, Control and Validation (4 credits)
  • Operational Support and Analysis (4 credits)
  • Planning, Protection and Optimization (4 credits)

3. ITIL Managing Across Service Lifecycle – MALC

ITIL MALC is the final component in the ITIL Qualification Scheme before achieving the title of ITIL Expert.

  • Prerequisites: ITIL Foundation, 15 credits collected in ITIL Intermediate level (17 credits in total).
  • Training: yes.
  • Examination: yes (awards 5 ITIL credits).
  • Certificate: no.

4. ITIL Expert

ITIL Expert is a demonstration of superior knowledge of ITIL best practices.

  • Prerequisites: ITIL Foundation, 15 credits collected in ITIL Intermediate level, MALC examination passed, minimum of 22 ITIL credits collected up to this point.
  • Training: no.
  • Examination: no.
  • Certificate: yes (ITIL Expert – awarded immediately after prerequisites are met).

5. ITIL Master

ITIL Master is the final level of the ITIL Qualification scheme. There are no fixed training materials and/or examination; an ITIL Master-level candidate must be able to demonstrate implementation of ITIL principles in real-life situations.

  • Prerequisites: ITIL Expert certificate, 5 years of experience in leadership or management position.
  • Training: no.
  • Examination: no, it’s more like a review of work.
  • Certificate: yes (ITIL Master).

ITIL Training, Examination and Certification Matrix


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