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ISO 27001 vs. ISO 27032 cybersecurity standard

There are many standards in the ISO 27001 series, all related to security.  You probably don’t know much about ISO 27032:2012 because it is not as well-known as ISO 27001, ISO 27002, or ISO 22301, but it is near you, because it has to do with a place that you …

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Risk appetite and its influence over ISO 27001 implementation

Clause 6.1.2 (a) (1) of ISO 27001:2013 states that an organization must establish and maintain information security risk criteria, and those must include criteria for risk acceptance. Since these criteria have direct influence on how organizational risks are treated, defining them is critical to make ISO 27001 add value to the …

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ISO 31000 and ISO 27001 – How are they related?

Contrary to the popular belief that ISO 31000 is now mandatory for ISO 27001 implementation, this is not true. However, ISO 31000 could be quite useful for ISO 27001 implementation – it not only offers a couple of good guidelines, but it also gives a strategic context for managing (information …

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ISO 27000 series – What to expect in 2014

If you are working as an ISO 27001 consultant or practitioner, you are probably heavily dependent on the ISO27k series of standards. Since there are quite a lot of them (see the list here), it is a good idea to keep any eye on the upcoming changes. As I mentioned …

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Risk assessment tips for smaller companies

I have seen quite a lot of smaller companies (up to 50 employees) trying to apply risk assessment tools as part of their ISO 27001 implementation project. The result is that it usually takes too much time and money with too little effect. First of all, what is actually risk …

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Dejan Kosutic
Lead ISO 27001/22301 Expert, Advisera


ISO 27001 & ISO 22301
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