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    EU GDPR Knowledge base

    Useful resources for complying with EU GDPR

    Article 29 Working Party Guidelines:

    Links to national data protection authorities in the European Union:

    Links to national data protection authorities outside of the European Union:

    Check out this free EU GDPR tool where you can access the full EU GDPR text arranged in chapters, articles, and sections making it easy to review and follow.

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    Dejan Kosutic
    Leading expert on cybersecurity/information security and author of several books, articles, webinars, and courses. As a premier expert, Dejan founded Advisera to help small and medium businesses obtain the resources they need to become certified against ISO 27001 and other ISO standards. He believes that making ISO standards easy-to-understand and simple-to-use creates a competitive advantage for Advisera's clients.

    As an ISO 27001 expert, Dejan is sought out to help companies find the best way to obtain certification by eliminating overhead and adapting the implementation to the specifics of their size and industry.
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