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ITIL and ISO 20000 Tools


Conformio – Free online tool for ISO compliance

Conformio is a smart online compliance tool – implement and maintain ISO 20000, GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, or other ISO standards in your company with ease. Streamline your team effort with a single tool for managing documents, projects, and communication.

ISO 20000 implementation duration calculator

How long is your ISO 20000-1:2018 implementation going to take? What are the main factors that influence the project duration? What should be done to speed things up? This calculator will help you estimate the time needed for your 20000-1:2018 implementation and give you an idea of the main factors that will influence the project duration.


ITIL Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator

The ROI calculator is an advanced tool to help perform a cost benefit analysis. Understand the true cost of implementation and whether this investment makes sense for your business – perfect for senior decision makers or when creating a business case for senior management.

  • Understand what financial return you can expect.
  • Receive a simple checklist – just collect the data from people in your business and enter into the tool.


ITIL Gap Analysis Tool

While performing daily IT Service Management activities i.e. supporting your users, maintaining the services…etc. you are performing activities which are part of your internal processes. How efficient are they? Is something missing? What is the best practice?

You can compare your processes, functions and activities with best practice that other colleagues are using – by implementing ITIL.


ISO 20000 Gap Analysis Tool

The ISO 20000 is a Service Management System (SMS) standard. It specifies requirements for the service provider to plan, establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve an SMS. The requirements include the design, transition, delivery and improvement of services to fulfil service requirements.

The ISO 20000 Gap Analysis Tool can be used to check your organizations conformability with ISO 20000 requirements.

ISO 20000 and ITIL Tools Designed to Make Your Life Easy

Here at the 20000Academy, we have created our whole service around the idea that you don’t need a costly consultant to hold your hand. You just need the right documents, the right IT Service Management (ITSM) tools and the right advice and you can easily implement ITIL & ISO 20000 (and at a tenth of the cost).

These tools, together with a range of other free resources, are designed to give you the clarity and understanding you need to ensure a smooth, hassle-free implementation of the standard.


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