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Why is ISO 27001 applicable also for paper-based information?

Although digital information has become the generally accepted standard for handling information, there might be situations where organizations still use paper-based information, and this documentation also must be protected according to its sensitivity and importance to the business. While it may be perceived more as a standard related to digital ...Read more

ISO 27001 information security event vs. incident vs. non-compliance

No environment can be 100% secure. Problems (which can be broadly described as “occurrences” or “deviations”) will happen, but not all problems need to be treated the same way, and this can have a significant impact on the effort, and costs, of security management. This article will present three concepts ...Read more

RACI matrix for ISO 27001 implementation project

Very often, an ISO 27001 implementation project is a multi-level and multidisciplinary endeavor, where personnel involved have different roles and responsibilities as the project progresses. To help clarify and control personnel involvement, many projects make use of the RACI matrix, and in this article, we’ll show one example of how to ...Read more

5 practical tips for media disposal according to ISO 27001

Today, media devices are less common than they were some years ago, because the current trend is the cloud, although there are still a lot of people using pen drives, external hard drives, etc. And, of course, all the information in the cloud is ultimately stored on a server, i.e., ...Read more

Does ISO 27001 help CCPA compliance?

In the wake of the increasing concerns over privacy protection, the U.S. state of California passed a new regulation at the end of June of this year to ensure the protection of Californian consumers. Coming into force by January 1, 2020, this law requires new levels of commitment by organizations ...Read more

What to consider in case of termination or change of employment according to ISO 27001

As relationships between people and organizations evolve, it is natural for work situations to change. Concluded contracts lead to termination of employment relationships, and opportunities or gaps in roles or functions lead people to relocate to new positions. While organizations normally have processes to accommodate people in these new situations, ...Read more



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