"The toolkit has accelerated production of the documentation required and has made it easier to identify areas we need to put more emphasis into. We have more time to dedicate to performing the risk assessment and defining our controls. Big time saver for us."
Ivan Garcia
"Still a long way to go to complete the process of ISO27001 certification but the material has given us a head-start and guidance along the way."
Liong Eng
CEO of Silverfern IT
"We used the 27001 Academy toolkit to write the company's security & support procedures. The documents received as part of the toolkit served as a good framework for describing the processes in the company and significantly shortened the process of writing the procedures."
Eyal Arbabof
VP R&D, InfiBond
"I used the template to aid me in preparing a third party management policy for my company. I did change a lot of the language but it was helpful to be sure of what sections needed to be included. Helped me work smarter, not harder."
Carol Berkow
"I have read through the standard, but certain aspects was not clear. With the toolkit the standard makes sense and the task at hand does not feel like its going to be impossible."
Bertus Erlank
Project manager, Syrex
"The document helped me to put in order the topics that needed to be covered."
Eugenio Marogna
Senior Partner, Evolutionary Methodologies Consulting
"We are using it to deliver ISO 22301 solutions. It's been excellent and really revolutionary."
Kenny Walker
Managing Director, Inspired by Technology Limited
"I purchased the Tool Kit with your class. What you have done is a blessing for us individual company Internal Auditors! The Toolkit will allow me to complete in 4-weeks what may have taken 12-weeks without the Toolkit. Thank you!!!"
Robert Tanner Jr.
CQA, Herzog Contracting Corp.
"It is much easier to structure our ISO 27001 documentation around a set of templates than if we had to start from scratch."
Claus Nedergaard Jacobsen
Antrotech ApS
"When I opened the toolkit I was desperate to implement the system and I found myself moving quick because the toolkit is rich in useful documentation. It's reducing me time of thinking, verifying searching for information and typing. And it also give me an opportunity to see how other experts develop their systems. It doesn't have a few site specific documents that I need but it's still fine."
Susanne Wesner
"The toolkit answered many questions when starting a new policy or understanding how to meet the ISO 27001 standard. Thanks for your help!"
Jonathan Lundy
Liferay Inc.
"We just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. We are glad to buy your products and services from Advisera. It’s really great to see the way your innovative products and services work on your website. Your consultants have immense knowledge and passion on the subjects their work."
Sandeep Salveru
"The ISO 22301 documentation helped me reach a level of granularity which is appropriate and yet not so detailed as to bog down the implementation."
Tom Coats
"Your articles and templates gives excellent oversight of the requirements and help to organize the process."
Atle Dalsbø
LocalHost AS
"I use the toolkit to prepare for my ISO 27001 certification and exam and to get tips for putting it into practice. I think it makes sense and helps me a lot."
Herbert Motzel
"The toolkit has provided me with some great starting places so I don't have to create various documents from scratch or spend time searching the web for examples and templates."
Christy Bentivoglio
"Dejan and his organization, Information Security & Business Continuity Academy, have served us extremely well in providing training, education and consulting around the ISO 27000-series on risk analysis and risk treatment. I was personally so pleased with my training experience that we hired Dejan to deliver two Courses (Risk Management Part 1: Risk assessment methodology and risk assessment process and Risk Management AND Part 2: Risk treatment process, Statement of Applicability and Risk Treatment Plan) to our whole leadership team. Dejan is clearly a subject matter expert on Risk Analysis and Risk Management. His trainings are well designed and superbly and professionally delivered using the GoToTraining platform. Anyone interested in Risk Management in general and the ISO 27001 approach in particular would be very wise to consider Dejan’s programs."
Bob Chaput
CISSP, CHP, CHSS, CEO at Clearwater Compliance LLC
"I enjoyed the opportunity to learn about ISO27001 and possible ways we can improve and enhance our data classification program. There were a number or points that were covered that forced me to look at this process in a different way."
James Edgar
"Very helpful and Dejan was very detailed, organized, and helpful at all times."
Kathy Ebbert
"I wanted to get a better view on the standard and a professional opinion on business continuity process. I got it. Thank you."
Aurelijus Stuknys
Consulting, LT
"Script for my bearings and led to have a better understanding of the ISO 22301 and be able to develop and implement quickly. Give us additionally facilitated the construction of processes and procedures with templates from the documentation that comes with the Toolkit."
Jose Fernandez
Calasis S.A. de C.V.
"Better know which documents are essentials. And that documents are consistent and clean."
Ziemowit Borowski
"It provides a structured approach for implementing and managing information security."
Claude Larrivee
Minerva Consulting
"It has been a great help to our work as consultants formaulacion ICT DRP. It facilitates the management of information and ensures monitoring of international standard. Valuable time that allows us to be more efecientes saves."
Oswaldo Alvarado
BPM Global Solutions S.A.
"To be very honest the toolkit is excellent and has greatly assisted in getting the documents ready though we are an ISO certified in 9001:2008 the many documents required for Risk and Business continuity is great without which I would have to struggle. I would recommend to anyone about the toolkit as it is just excellent for people like us."
Harish Pratap
"This information has guided me in certain ways that I thought I was doing proper, and discovered there were easier ways of accomplishing ISO with the proper information in hand."
Tim Johns
"Helped me a lot. Very useful and profesional documents. Warm regards from Latin America."
Elder Guerra
Aseguradora Fidelis, S.A.
"It has accelerated our ISO27001 deployment by months."
Paul Astle
The Networking People Ltd
"The toolkit has provided all that I need for BC. Also, Dejan gave his expert advice and help most willingly. I highly recommend anyone needing help in BC & RM to use IS&BCA. Thanks again, Dejan!"
Nancy Lee
"Just a note to say Thank you. We used your templates to augment our documentation, and our ISO 27001 certification process went well! We have now passed, and are certified."
Joe Raschke
Manager, IT GRC
"Your effort in building a self implementation toolkit is fantabulous."
Parvez Hamza
Senior Risk & Compliance Analyst, Gasco
"The toolkit provide me with a fine example of ISMS documentation library. Now I am much easier to imagine the end result and the amount of work."
Roman Kornilov
Russian Federation
"It saved me a lot of the time to write ISMS documents."
Anupong Nutaro
BigFish Enterprise Limited
"It helps to stay focused on the key steps and offers a structure for roll out of the project."
Ludo Claes
LC Company
"The documentation is brilliant. I worked through the BS 25999 package last year, combined with a bit of reading around the subject (mainly from Dejan’s blog!) and we’ve got ourselves a business continuity plan. I’m just starting to do the same now with ISO 27001, and then we’re going to work towards getting both of them certified."
Simon McLean
Managing Director at Click Travel Ltd
"Toolkit gives a great base for own documents. It also teaches some really helpful best practices (document structures, helpful comments, etc.)."
Christoph Thiel
"Managed the documentation with ease."
Nisar Khan
Kuwait International Bank
"The documents are well laid out and with our company’s standard formatting they are just falling into place."
Thomas Green
"Clear, precise, concrete."
Emir Ramic
Head of Information Technology
"I also never had the opportunity to thank you for the quality of the ISO 27001 Toolkit. We used the toolkit and achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certification for our global organization. This recently included extension of our certification to our products and services in Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. The Toolkit was easy to implement. We were already certified to ISO 9001:2008, so your webinar “ISO 27001 implementation: How to make it easier using ISO 9001” was invaluable in communicating our alignment with our Corporate Quality Management System. Thanks again!"
Bill Lisse
Information Security Officer, OCLC Online Computer Library Center Inc.
"You have helped us immensely over these last few months."
Stephan Lesher
Director of Information Technology, Chief Security Officer at Alpha Systems
"Your documentation has really been a huge help. Our stage 2 audit is on Monday, and you have really helped to plug areas that we were lacking. The content you have is what impressed me the most. While we had all the docs that I purchased from you, yours just felt much more complete."
Timothy Cohen
System Administrator at Alpha Systems
"Following the successful implementation of the quality standard ISO 9001 we began with the implementation of the security standard ISO27001. Mr. Kosutic seemed to be an excellent choice based on his long-term experience in the banking sector. Implementation support and other services offered by IS&BCA have ensured transparent project management for all team members, as well as our sponsor. The document templates enabled faster development of documentation and better focus on the subject matter. Our relationship was a very good one and the prices were reasonable. The professional attitude and the highest degree of commitment to our goals have resulted in the successful completion of the project within the set time frame, adapted to Dabar informatika’s capacities and human resources."
Dragomir Perica
CEO at Dabar informatika Ltd
"Your documentation toolkit has significantly accelerated the documentation development and helped us understand the formal structure of ISO 27001, and your Online Mentoring service has enabled us to implement the standard in our realistic environment."
Goran Djoreski
CEO at Altus IT Ltd
"Absolutely, the toolkit was fantastic. It has taught me a lot about security measures that I would not have even considered or thought about. The toolkit made the journey a smooth ride. Well worth the money."
Jay Verma
VF Enterprises Ltd



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