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ISO 9001 Blog

Mark Hammar

How to measure training effectiveness according to ISO 9001

In a Quality Management System (QMS) based on ISO 9001, competence and training are an integral part of planning and managing the processes of the QMS. As explained in Using Competence, Training and Awareness to Replace Documentation in your QMS, knowing the competencies required to perform your processes, and closing …

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John Nolan

How to Align Company Culture with ISO 9001

The benefits of gaining ISO 9001:2008 accreditation are well researched and documented. The positives of eliminating waste, becoming more efficient and reducing the amount of non-conforming materials in your process are obvious to most observers, and the fact that it is now impossible to tender for work with some organizations …

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Mark Hammar

Using Competence, Training and Awareness to Replace Documentation in your QMS

Have you wondered how to reduce the amount of documentation in your Quality Management System, while making sure that key information is still maintained? Fortunately, Section 6.2.2 of ISO9001:2008 gives you this flexibility and identifies three areas where this can be accomplished with the application of the human resources components …

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