Managing an ISO 27001 project without any guidance is like putting together a big jigsaw puzzle with a thousand pieces, but without the big picture in front of you. You will waste a lot of time you usually don’t have, trying to find and fit the right pieces together and, as a fact – delays will happen. What you really need in this situation is a guide.

Traditionally, you would hire a consultant to help you by paving the way before you. The consultant will not share all the steps ahead, as he needs to stay relevant until the end of the ISO 27001 implementation for the big payout. As the consultants are rarely exclusively available just for you, delays are still possible, especially if he scores a bigger project. But, that’s ok, right? Better to have some guidance than to face the big ISO 27001 jigsaw puzzle alone.

Well, in this article, we propose an alternative to this – an ISO 27001 implementation management tool. This alternative will hand over all the pieces of the puzzle with numbers on the backs and peace of mind.

What to look for in an ISO 27001 implementation management tool

Having an ISO 27001 online tool to help you drive your ISO 27001 project forward is definitely a plus. However, before choosing a software solution that might fit all your needs, please understand that having the tool is just half of the story. If you are looking just at features, you might be seduced by the software’s capability to help you add people, and manage tasks and documentation. In most cases, this is what happens. People select online ISO 27001 implementation management tools with the functional framework to get the job done, but without one essential component – expert instructions for how to do it properly.

So, you need to find a tool that has both the functionalities to drive the ISO 27001 project forward, and instructions for how to do it and, at the end, maintain it properly.

You need a single platform that will empower you to:

  1. understand all the required steps for ISO 27001 project implementation
  2. add people
  3. distribute and track activities needed for ISO 27001 implementation and maintenance
  4. develop and maintain documentation
  5. message and communicate with your colleagues

ISO 27001 Compliance Procedure

What if you had all the steps for your ISO 27001 project set right before you, so that with a single glance you could understand each step ahead of you? Beautiful, right? Now, imagine that you have an explanation for how to complete each step, and you can access those guidelines any time and easily share them as actionable tasks with your team.

Understanding the importance of such guidance, we have created Conformio, which will guide you through your ISO 27001 implementation and maintenance. Conformio is an online collaborative software designed around the steps to implement ISO 27001, including years of expertise on developing documents and providing support to organizations all around the world.

This expertise is materialized in two essential elements, the first one being the Document Wizards, which provide guidance on documentation development, and help in the definition for how tasks are distributed during implementation and ongoing maintenance of your ISMS. The second one is the Responsibility Matrix, which consolidates the information on who does what and when in each document, providing a basis for automation of tasks, such as document review and internal audit. Being developed around ISO 27001 implementation steps means that you will be guided in the following general sequence:

  1. definition of basic ISMS structure (e.g., organizational context, requirements, scope, etc.);
  2. risk management (risk assessment and risk treatment);
  3. controls implementation (based on the development of the Statement of Applicability document);
  4. ISMS performance evaluation and improvement.

Tasks can be reviewed for quality, and activities can be tracked to ensure timely delivery of each task to complete the big jigsaw puzzle for the auditor.

Conformio ISO 27001 Compliance Procedure

Figure 1- Conformio ISO 27001 Compliance Procedure

As you can see, having the online tool to drive your project forward is just half of the story. However, if you combine it with some concrete expert guidance, you have the right conditions to successfully implement and maintain any project. This is something that we recognized early on, and perfected, to provide you with the best tool for ISO 27001 project management possible.

If this makes sense, go on and give it a try.