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You can implement OHSAS 18001 easily (and you don’t even need a consultant!)


It’s finally here! The brand-new 18001Academy is the way smart companies implement OHSAS 18001. It’s fast, easy, and about one-tenth the price of a consultant. Even better – we offer full-service support and professional expertise, along with complete documentation.


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Your ISO 18001 Virtual Consultant (He’s Free!)

Introducing Oscar the Owl – your personalized virtual consultant. He’ll give you individualized support and expert advice as you learn, prepare, and finally implement OHSAS 18001 in your organization. Get the advice and help you deserve – everything you’d expect from a live OHSAS 18001 consultant, only without the hefty price tag.


What’s your first step?

Learn where you are in the process, and what comes next.

Discover your options

Do it all on your own, find an outside consultant, or do it yourself with expert help.

Learn how YOU can do it yourself

We have all the tools and materials you need to do it yourself with guidance from us.

Begin your implementation

We’ll be here, with expert support and guidance, and templates for all the required documents.

Get management on board

Create a high-quality presentation to get buy-in from management and stakeholders.

Prepare your project

Get organized, and learn the resources – both human and material – you’ll need.


OHSAS 18001 Documentation Toolkit

Contains templates for all the required documentation, so you can implement OHSAS 18001 quickly and get certified. Every template comes with complete, easy-to-follow directions.



Free Consultations

You can speak to one of our OHSAS 18001 experts live – it’s free! Just contact us to set up a one-on-one consultation and get your most difficult questions answered. You may be overwhelmed now, but after one consultation you’ll have a greater understanding of what to do and where to go next.



Free downloads

Want to find out which are the mandatory documents for OHSAS 18001 implementation? Or what is the implementation process? Or you need a project plan template? Check out our free downloads with white papers, case studies, checklists, templates, and other materials.


Why choose 18001Academy? 



Developed by Professionals

Our toolkits were specially created by OHSAS 18001 experts.


Fast and Easy

You have other things to do. Save more money, more time, and more energy on your OHSAS 18001 implementation with our help.


We’re Nice Guys

We’re more than a website – we’re real (nice!) people who want to help.

More information and guidance in our OHSAS 18001 Blog

What competences should an OHSAS 18001 internal auditor have?

One of the fundamental components of any OHSAS 18001-certified OH&SMS (Operational Health and Safety Management System) is the function of the internal audit. As a mandatory part of the OHSAS 18001 standard itself, the internal audit is not only essential for checking your system’s performance and compliance, but it’s also ...Read more

Process approach application in OHSAS 18001 implementation of health & safety

If you are aware of the ISO family of standards, you may well be aware that adherence to the “process approach” is one of the fundamental principles, appearing in the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 27001 standards, amongst others. The good news is that the process approach is also applicable ...Read more

How OHSAS 18001 can make your theater or concert event safer

Going to theaters and concert venues is a very popular pastime, whether for a local concert or production all the way up to stadium events that take place in front of crowds of tens of thousands. What these events have in common is that there is an inherent danger and ...Read more

Specifics of implementing OHSAS 18001 in the retail sector

Employee and customer safety and well-being should be as important to organizations in the retail sector as those in any other in advanced business sectors. It therefore stands to reason that many retail organizations are becoming certified against OHSAS 18001 in order to increase safety and well-being amongst their employees ...Read more

5 elements to consider when testing your organization’s health & safety emergency response procedure

The OHSAS 18001 standard was designed and is used for the prevention of accidents in the workplace, but unfortunately, as we all know, accidents do sometimes happen for various reasons. It therefore stands to reason that the standard has a clause stating the requirement of having an emergency response process, ...Read more

Using corrective actions to eliminate nonconformities and drive health & safety improvements

Corrective action is an important part of any management system, and in an Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OH&SMS), this process is critical to identify and address the root causes of problems you find, which is why this has been an integral part of OHSAS 18001 since it was ...Read more
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