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Implement ITIL® and ISO 20000 quickly and easily
(without a consultant or the usual headaches)


20000Academy is the new, modern way to implement ITIL and ISO 20000 in your company. Smart, simple and cost effective; our service gives you all the documents, advice and support you need to do-it-yourself.


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Free Virtual Consultant For ITIL and ISO 20000

Your own personal virtual consultant, Oscar the Owl, will guide you through the stages of understanding, preparing and implementing ITIL and/or ISO 20000 for your company. Get all the attention and support of a real-life consultant, without the jaw-dropping invoice.


What are your first steps?

Understand whether you need ITIL and/or ISO 20000 and whether they are appropriate for your situation.

Evaluate your options

Go it alone, pay for a consultant or choose the do-it-yourself with support approach.

Learn how to do-it-yourself

The tools and resources you need for the do-it-yourself with help approach.

Begin implementation

Receive all the documentation, guidance and support you need.

Prepare your management

Collate all information into one concise and persuasive presentation to your teams and key decision makers.

Prepare your project

Get organized, start collecting information and understand the people and resources you’ll need.


ITIL® Documentation Toolkit

Get all the documentation templates you need to quickly and easily comply with ITIL best practices. Each document comes with a simple-to-understand guide for completion.



ISO 20000 Documentation Toolkit

Get all the documentation templates you need to quickly and easily implement the ISO 20000 standard and ensure you pass the certification audit. Each document comes with a simple-to-understand guide for completion.



Free Expert Consultations

Speak to our ITIL and ISO 20000 experts for free. You can book a personal one-on-one consultation and get the help you need. Move from confusion to clarity in just one conversation and get practical next steps.



Free downloads

Want to find out which are the mandatory documents for ITIL & ISO 20000 implementation? Check out our free downloads with white papers, case studies, checklists, templates, and other materials.


Why choose 20000Academy?




Comprehensive toolkits created by ITIL and ISO 20000 experts.


Fast and Easy

Dramatically reduce the time, cost and effort of implementation.


Human touch

We’re not just a website; we’re real people here to help you.

Detailed guidance with our ITIL and ISO 20000 Blog

How much does ISO 20000 implementation cost?

Starting any project can’t go without many questions asked. ISO 20000 is not an exception. One of the mandatory questions, and among the first ones to ask, is – “How much does it cost?” Management is the first one who would like to know the answer, so you have to be ...Read more

Does ISO 20000 guarantee excellence in IT service delivery?

It’s easy to talk to the people who are familiar with ISO standards, i.e., their purpose and pros & cons of the implementation. But, let’s be honest – such people are the minority. There are many more who know a bit about the standards and have their own opinions about ...Read more

Main obstacles during ISO 20000 implementation and how to overcome them

There is no doubt – it’s a wonderful feeling once you get the OK for the implementation of a project you consider important. A lot of enthusiasm, energy and motivated people. Planning is, usually, the easier part. But, once you get the “green light” for the implementation, well, then your ...Read more

How ITIL can help reduce the gap between customers and the IT department

I have witnessed a situation where an IT department designed and implemented a service that they find useful and functional. And, no one else. The result was that resources were spent, service was implemented, but no one ever use it. The point is that the service was not something the ...Read more

5 benefits of ITIL Change Management implementation

While growing and gathering know-how, IT service providers get more knowledgeable and experienced. That means performing the same job in less time, using less effort, and with greater efficiency. Many processes, i.e., activities are growing in maturity as the company grows. Sometimes, this ends up good, but it can also ...Read more

What’s the content of an ITIL/ISO 20000 SLA?

Once your IT service is in the live environment – that’s when your service’s “adult life” begins; i.e., it’s time to see how good (or bad) the service is. Users will start using it and judgements will be made. Firstly, users will judge functionality (according to ITIL – utility or fit for ...Read more
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