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Implement ITIL® and ISO 20000 quickly and easily
(without a consultant or the usual headaches)


20000Academy is the new, modern way to implement ITIL and ISO 20000 in your company. Smart, simple and cost effective; our service gives you all the documents, advice and support you need to do-it-yourself.


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Free Virtual Consultant For ITIL and ISO 20000

Your own personal virtual consultant, Oscar the Owl, will guide you through the stages of understanding, preparing and implementing ITIL and/or ISO 20000 for your company. Get all the attention and support of a real-life consultant, without the jaw-dropping invoice.


What are your first steps?

Understand whether you need ITIL and/or ISO 20000 and whether they are appropriate for your situation.

Evaluate your options

Go it alone, pay for a consultant or choose the do-it-yourself with support approach.

Learn how to do-it-yourself

The tools and resources you need for the do-it-yourself with help approach.

Begin implementation

Receive all the documentation, guidance and support you need.

Prepare your management

Collate all information into one concise and persuasive presentation to your teams and key decision makers.

Prepare your project

Get organized, start collecting information and understand the people and resources you’ll need.


ITIL® Documentation Toolkit

Get all the documentation templates you need to quickly and easily comply with ITIL best practices. Each document comes with a simple-to-understand guide for completion.



ISO 20000 Documentation Toolkit

Get all the documentation templates you need to quickly and easily implement the ISO 20000 standard and ensure you pass the certification audit. Each document comes with a simple-to-understand guide for completion.



Free Expert Consultations

Speak to our ITIL and ISO 20000 experts for free. You can book a personal one-on-one consultation and get the help you need. Move from confusion to clarity in just one conversation and get practical next steps.



Free downloads

Want to find out which are the mandatory documents for ITIL & ISO 20000 implementation? Check out our free downloads with white papers, case studies, checklists, templates, and other materials.


Why choose 20000Academy?




Comprehensive toolkits created by ITIL and ISO 20000 experts.


Fast and Easy

Dramatically reduce the time, cost and effort of implementation.


Human touch

We’re not just a website; we’re real people here to help you.

Detailed guidance with our ITIL and ISO 20000 Blog

SMS Policy – How to create it according to ISO 20000

Topics like management and strategy have a special “place” in IT, but pretty often – they don’t belong among anyone’s favorite topics. Sure, management of the IT organization is deeply involved in the above-mentioned topics, but everyone else… well, try to talk to the operating personnel (who make up the ...Read more

Improvements in ISO 20000 vs. CSI in ITIL

Everything can be better; both ISO 20000 and ITIL are aware of and strongly promote this fact. Take it to your personal level. How many details in your personal or professional life have you already improved? Most probably – many of them. Working on improvements continually? You are right – ...Read more

How to use the ITIL CSI approach to improve your services

Improvements are quite sensible things. First of all, effort (sometimes significant) needs to be invested in order to detect and start an improvement initiative. Secondly, once you have the improvement defined, it’s important that there is a process in place that will implement that initiative – a managed process. In ...Read more

How to create an ISO 20000 internal audit checklist

Implementation and management of an ISO 20000-based Service Management System (SMS) has many challenges. But, sooner or later, organizations overcome them. One element of the SMS that companies must always keep their eyes on is the internal audit. Since the SMS encompasses IT services from their design and creation (i.e., ...Read more

What is the role of the Service Asset and Configuration Manager according to ITIL/ISO 20000?

From the questions that I get, I have a feeling that many of you see Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM) as complicated. I have to tell you that you are not alone. I do ITIL / ISO 20000 trainings and consulting projects, and I have to admit that many people share ...Read more

ISO 20000 Incident and Service Request Management – Increasing efficiency with information flow

Once your service is in the live environment, the Incident and Service Request Management process will count for the majority of your daily activities. This means, from a practical point of view, that your customers will judge you (as an IT service provider) based mostly (because there are a few ...Read more
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